Do you want to feel lighter and improve your energy?

Do you want to reset in January after having indulged in December?

Or are you just starting out and feeling overwhelmed, not sure how to get started?

If YES, come and join my  5 Day Clean Eating Challenge to get started and learn the basics of eating clean

What is the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge and what does it include?

It is a guided clean eating program where I share recipes for what you can eat over 5 days which are made with real whole foods.  You will also get a shopping list and most importantly my daily videos and emails to guide you over the five days. In your clean eating guide book there are 25 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and yes also for your snack time.  I am a snack type of a person, I know many of us need a snack between meals to keep us going.  But if you don’t need a snack, that’s fine too.  These are some of my favourite recipes that I cook for my family and that we enjoy eating.  Feel free to personalise them, adding your own herbs and spices to them.

IT COSTS ONLY £20.  THAT IS JUST £4 A DAY for recipes, suggested meal planner, shopping list, daily emails and daily videos to guide and motivate you.  


You will be sent your clean eating guide on Thursday 3rd January.  The guided 5 Day Clean Eating Program begins on 14th January and you can either do it with me or on your own.

What exactly is “Clean Eating”?

  •  It’s eating real whole foods that have ingredients you recognise and can pronounce.
  •  Enjoying foods that fuel you instead of deflate you.
  •  Having delicious meals which provide optimum amount of nutrients that your body needs.
  •  Reducing processed foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt.

Clean Eating is NOT:

  •  A quick fix diet,
  •  Counting calories and thinking about food all day or
  •  Popping pills or having meal replacement shakes

I believe that changing your diet & lifestyle should not be challenging or stressful.

You should make changes gradually and what’s most important is being consistent.

Having worked with many I know that time is one of the biggest obstacles.  Either not having the time or more often I hear that now’s not the right time to start as there’s a birthday, holiday or work commitment.  If you want to get healthy, you have to make some time and prioritise, making the changes at a pace that suits you, since you are making habits that last a life time. Once you begin you will want to continue beyond the 5 days!!


Healthy meals and snacks over 5 Days = an introduction to eating clean, begin to create healthy habits, increase your energy, improved focus and begin to look and feel good.  Once you learn how easy it is you will want to continue eating clean!

Most importantly you get to try some new recipes, don’t feel alone or isolated doing it and are supported by me with daily emails and training videos. 

As it’s only being done for 5 days you won’t achieve all your goals, but what it does is get you started and there are so many benefits experienced.  Clients who have done my clean eating programs share how they have LOST WEIGHT, FEEL & LOOK GOOD, REDUCE SUGAR CRAVINGS, EAT TO SATIETY, ARE MORE MINDFUL OF WHAT THEY BUY, COOK AND EAT and so much more. 

 NOW imagine how you would feel if you can carry on doing this beyond the five days challenge.  What results could you achieve?

“Having done the 5 day clean eating programme, I must admit that I loved your recipes. My whole family started eating more vegetables.  I am continuing beyond the 5 days to eat clean”

“I would recommend Sujata to everyone whether you are trying to lose weight or just get motivated into getting fit or even if its to get her delicious quick healthy recipes. I feel my mindset has totally changed regarding food and my physical activities and it’s because I can really hear her voice in my head…. I now think differently about my meal whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner.  She has a great personality, which always helps and so you feel comfortable approaching her for advice. She keeps your journey varied with new recipes and different ways to incorporate exercise into your life and to change your lifestyle permanently not provide you with a quick fix.” Sheemal


I am not a medical doctor, dietician, nor nutritionist. I make no claims to any specialized medical training, nor do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. It is intended to be provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes ONLY. Please consult with your wellness team, and then make your own well-informed decisions before starting any program based upon what is best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life. Any person with a medical condition should consult with their doctor before beginning. Only do this 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge if you feel able to.  Do note that results from the 5 Day Program will vary from person to person.