Weight loss can often seem to be difficult and causes so much frustration to so many, especially when trying to do it for months or years and being on endless diets.  Plus, the hardest part is maintaining that loss, as often the weight comes back on soon after. 

Today, I would like to share an inspiring story about my client Seema, who had tried losing weight in the past by doing many things including intermittent fasting, having protein powders, exercising, etc.  However, she wasn’t seeing any changes come through.  And even though she was eating healthily, she couldn’t understand why the scales were not changing.  

Seema watched my live webinar and then enrolled into my Wellness Membership Program.  This is where she learnt step-by-step how to create a healthier diet, lifestyle and mindset.  And now, she’s feeling so much happier to see changes come through since she started.  

Some important improvements to her are: 

  • Lost 7 kilos, which is huge as wasn’t losing weight before.
  • Lost inches all over and clothes fit better.
  • Healthier BMI, which reduces the risk of some chronic diseases.
  • Higher energy levels so she can do the things she wants to.
  • More knowledgeable and makes best choices for herself and her family.
  • Saves time when cooking as makes quick and easy healthy meals.
  • Has less processed junk foods as her cravings reduced naturally.
  • Enjoys favourite foods guilt free and still has treats and eats out.
  • Is more active, she’s fitter, stronger and has more stamina.

Seema has done an interview with me to share how she did it. 

As you can see Seema created a healthier lifestyle and has re-evaluated her goals and it’s no longer just about weight loss, but having a balanced healthy life doing things that she enjoys. 

Reflecting on the process, Seema remarked that the program did not impact the daily routine of her family as they continued to eat the same meals.

I see many people make dieting mistakes. 

And are you making any of these mistakes that are holding you back?

  • You let the scales define your success.
  • You want quick weight loss.
  • You cut or restrict yourself from certain foods like grains or fats.
  • You are focusing just on the food you eat.
  • You are focusing just on exercise.
  • You are comparing yourself to others.
  • You either want to do all or nothing.
  • You give up when you don’t see results.

Instead of making these mistakes, can you instead begin to create healthier habits that you can sustain living your real everyday life.

And a piece of advice to anyone thinking of joining the Wellness Membership Program, Seema’s says “just go for it!”.  It has helped her in many ways, and she is still continuing with what she learnt; it has become part of her daily routine. 

She stated that the best aspects of the program are that you never have to diet, you are always satisfied, and the journey is enjoyable.  

So, keep it simple and start with the simple things like drinking more water, including healthy snacks, having real foods (instead of meal replacements or protein shakes), get active and track what you are doing.

Seema was initially unsure if she could achieve her goals and that’s why she had arranged a FREE Discovery call with me so I could understand her goals and share what she needed to do.  I understand that you may feel the same.  

What are you waiting for?!

CLICK HERE or send me an email at sujata@optimum-nutrition.org to set up the call.

A massive well done to Seema for pursuing her goals and I look forward to seeing others achieve on the program too!