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Taking care of your health is so important, as without a healthy body we are limited in what we can do.

Many of my clients prior to working with me had in the past tried some of the popular quick fix diets. A few diets required them to buy meal replacement shakes or bars, others were to have juices only and some diets were restrictive and limited either calories, carbs or fat.

Have you ever tried a diet where you had juice only or were not eating three regular meals?

The biggest problem with a quick fix diet is that you are looking to make changes only in the short term. And once you have lost that weight for a wedding, birthday party, holiday or that “special event”, you return back to your old habits and the weight will creep back up.

My other concerns with quick fix diets are:

  • Often they do not provide you with the macro and micro nutrients required as you are cutting out some food groups.
  • They are not sustainable in the long term as you eat “diet” meals and feel isolated and deprived.
  • They are not family friendly; so you have to cook separate meals for your family.
  • They limit what you can eat when eating out.
  • You get on a dieting cycle where you try one fad diet after another.
  • It is expensive in the long term if you are buying pills, shakes, bars, etc to replace regular meals.
  • The quick fix diets in fact take much longer to show real results as you are constantly doing them for months or even years and not maintaining the weight loss.
  • And most importantly as a parent we are role models to our children.  We influence our children and those around us by what we are doing so if our children see us going for quick shortcuts and not eating balanced meals, that is what they think is normal.

Having worked as a health coach for over 8 years and coached so many of my clients to lose weight I understand what works in the long term.  It is having foods that are closest to their natural state: fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, fish, poultry, etc.

A client who recently joined my program started making changes to her diet, lifestyle and mindset. Despite not seeing many changes in the past she shared with me she has lost weight and this has been done without dieting or deprivation.  It’s been done eat real whole fresh meals that are family friendly.


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