Want to get started on your health journey?

I know that you have probably been trying for months or even years on your own to make changes.  And I understand that it gets frustrating when you don’t see results.

You don’t have to do it on your own.

It’s much easier, faster and enjoyable when you have the right support and a step-by-step doable program that gives you results.

This is what my client discovered after she made some simple changes that I recommended.


I went to Sujata after trying everything that I could think of. I was having no luck losing any weight and whatever I lost used to come back  quickly. 

After the first few meetings I started getting more confident.  Sujata’s recipes are my favourite bit of the whole programme. They are very simple, easy and delicious too.

Together with the recipes Sujata integrated exercise and built this up gently. Yes, I have achieved my goal to lose 10 kilos, 2 dress sizes and so much belly fat. I miss our meetings and health talks and think about her a few times a day – when eating, working out, shopping for my new wardrobe and when I get compliments.

I love the new me, I love my new eating habits, the awareness that Sujata has brought not only to me but to my entire family. I have recommended her highly to all my friends”  PJ

So, don’t struggle on your own.

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