Create The Healthier Life That You Have Always Wanted







By Making Sustainable Changes To Your Diet, Lifestyle and Mindset

My Approach To Getting Healthy and Weight Loss


By educating and empowering my clients they gain the knowledge and become aware and understand why they need to make the changes. They then introduce mindfulness into their lives and begin to find their healthy and happy balance.  By practicing this over time they create healthy habits and it becomes their lifestyle.

Start by watching this short video first

We go back to basics and start with the essentials of what to eat and why you need to include these foods.  Discuss healthy portion sizes and how you can include your treats, so you won’t feel deprived as you can still enjoy your glass of wine or chocolate as you will find your healthy balance.
As exercise and movement is key I will guide you on staying active even when you are busy.  By focusing on the right exercises so you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, but do shorter periods of effective exercising which you enjoy staying active regardless of your environment.
As habits and lifestyles change, mindsets need to be reset in tandem so you don’t feel deprived and enjoy your new lifestyle. You are guided on making small sustainable changes and will overcome your cravings.  You will move away from “diet” mentality and make lifestyle changes.
Wellness and Weight loss goals: After completing the  program you make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle in a healthy and seamless manner. During the health consultations you will be provided with nutrition knowledge as well as the necessary tools to facilitate changes for optimal health.

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