Your Personalised Program

Do you find that despite eating healthily and exercising you aren’t achieving your goals?

Have you been advised to make lifestyle and dietary changes but you find these difficult to sustain?

Even though you know what to do, you find it challenging?

I have successfully coached many clients over 10 years to their health goals.  My clients just like you, had been trying for months, some even years to lose weight, improve digestion and increase their energy.  They felt they were doing everything right yet it just was not showing results.  Some had even tried a juice cleanse or taken time off to stay in a health farm but a few months later were right back where they started.

You are here today because you want to see results and I see you as having two options.  Either to do it yourself or work with a professional.

The first option is to carry on just the way you are, trying on your own – seeing only some progress, as you put together information from different professionals, blogs, recipe books, etc. 

What you are really doing is combining what you like from various sources, which may not necessarily be conducive to you achieving your goals.  It is often a lot harder and you are not sure if you are doing the right thing.

And realistically you are not going to be consistent as you don’t have an accountability partner.

So, you may be starting and stopping your program more frequently than you realise.

Having done this for some time, are you now feeling tired and frustrated of going around in circles?

If, yes, you need to read below.

The second option is to work with a professional, like myself, who can teach you what you need to do, break it down into steps that you enjoy, monitor your progress and hold you accountable so you see results faster and without feeling stressed or overwhelmed

This is a complete structured program which includes changes to the diet, lifestyle and mindset.

This time, you don’t spend hours searching the internet on what to do as you will get it, personalised to what you need to succeed.

Want to know how you can benefit from one to one coaching?

Click here to contact me to schedule a free 15 minute initial discovery session to discuss your health and lifestyle and what you would like to achieve.  I will explain how I can coach you to your goals.

One-On-One Wellness & Weight Loss Program – how it works

I will be working closely with you creating a tailor made program based on your lifestyle and dietary preferences. 

During our first consultation we will go through your Health History and questionnaire in detail.  As your health coach I guide you to set goals that are achievable and you are ready for. I will be your accountability partner and track your progress, providing you with motivation and inspiration along the way.  I regularly monitor your progress and change strategies as needed, in terms of dietary as well as exercise advice.

The length of the Wellness Program that is appropriate for you will be based on what your goals are , where you currently are and how long you want to have my guidance.  I recommend having a consultation twice a month as this allows you to incorporate and implement all the recommendations needed to achieve lifelong changes for optimum health and adopt these for a new, healthier lifestyle.

Your Program includes:

  • One hour consultation, which can be in person or online via zoom, skype, FaceTime or by phone
  • Handouts and other materials
  • Recipes
  • Personalized recommendations specific to your diet and lifestyle

  • Support between sessions (this can be by email or text messages)
  • Recommendations for books, websites, and health stores
  • Optional: Health store or supermarket visits, Pantry Clean Outs and Cooking Demonstrations (except virtual coaching clients)

Clients contacted me after years of feeling stuck and are now happier and healthier

Dropped two dress sizes and lost 10 kilos

I went to Sujata after trying everything that I could think of. I was having no luck losing any weight and whatever I lost used to come back  quickly.  After the first few meetings I started getting more confident.  Sujata’s recipes are my favourite bit of the whole programme. They are very simple, easy and delicious too.  Together with the recipes Sujata integrated exercise and built this up gently. Yes, I have achieved my goal to lose 10 kilos, 2 dress sizes and so much belly fat. I miss our meetings and health talks and think about her a few times a day – when eating, working out, shopping for my new wardrobe and when I get compliments.  I love the new me, I love my new eating habits, the awareness that Sujata has brought not only to me but to my entire family. I have recommended her highly to all my friends”  PJ

Lost 10 kilos in 8 weeks and have a more positive outlook to life now

  “I came in contact with Sujata via Facebook. Her online videos and amazingly easy healthy recipes always inspired me. Then I got diagnosed  with a silent stroke and came to the point when I thought I need to take myself seriously. I was always conscious of what I was eating but didn’t know what combinations would be best. Came in Sujata’s expert guidance, tips and ample years of experience. She is not only a health and food coach but she also coached me to deal with my emotions, days when I was low on energy, had food cravings and sugar cravings and also provides a life changing guidance.  Sujata not only helps loose weight by healthy eating but also helps in making life style changes to your food, fitness and mental wellbeing.  Doing just one programme with Sujata is not the end, it’s an ongoing relationship with food and whole wellbeing that is taught. The correct guidance from Sujata not only helped me loose 10kgs in a short span of 8 weeks but also helped with an over all wellbeing leaving me more energetic and positive in life. I cannot thank Sujata enough and I am so glad I got to work with her.” MJ

Lowered blood pressure and lost 20 kilos

“I was unfit and overweight. I suffered from low energy levels, irritability and lack of concentration. I was constantly hungry and looked for any excuse to eat. My weight made me feel too embarrassed to shop for clothes because I suffered from low esteem as a result. A visit to the doctor  revealed that I was suffering from high blood pressure so I turned to Sujata to help me change my lifestyle so that I could regain energy as well as not have to rely on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life.  

I have experienced a steady weight loss of around one kilogram per week without feeling hungry or deprived. I am now able to fit into clothes that I’ve had for years but was too big to fit into before and this has increased my confidence.  Sujata has been gentle and patient as well as persistent in helping me attain my goals.  With Sujata’s help, I’ve been able to lower my blood pressure without resorting to medicine.   The biggest changes I noticed from the outset were an increase in energy levels and a feeling of fullness.  I am once again a confident and active woman and no longer a wall-flower thanks to her.  Lost 20 kilos over the program.″  SS

Meeta reversed diabetes naturally

I contacted Sujata when my blood sugar was 50 mmol (diabetic) in March 2021 and my GP had given me 6 months to change my lifestyle. By September it came down to 41 mmol (27 – 47 Normal). I achieved this with Sujata’s help and following her healthy eating plan as well as simple regular activity and exercise. I’ve lost 8 kg over 6 months and my GP was happy to see my results.  My main issue was finding time to exercise and cook and Sujata helped me plan accordingly. My knowledge about nutrition in daily food increased tremendously which also changed my food shopping habits. I am now fitter and healthier and glad that I contacted Sujata when I did and learned a lot which I can continue to follow all the time.” Meeta

From Fat to not so fat, to now being fit

Over the last several years, due primarily to a very busy work life, I had developed some bad habits, a poor diet with little to no exercise. As a result and not surprisingly, I put on a lot of weight. This wasn’t exactly great for my confidence, especially as I started to struggle to fit into some of my older clothes, but I guess I kept on consoling myself that it’s not too bad and that I’d start to do something about it the following month. After several years of this mind set I had added 22-23 kilos plus a substantial number of inches all over.  I have to confess I was initially skeptical about health coaching and if it was right for me.  Moving 12 months forward, I am 19 kilos lighter and have reduced 6 inches around my waist (back to a 32 inch wait) and 8 inches around my chest. Without it sounding like a cliché Sujata’s coaching has really helped me to get out of the poor habits, to eat much more sensibly without surviving on a piece of lettuce.   I do enjoy my hearty meals and red wine and realise in the right combinations and quantities it is possible! I’m much more active now and exercise frequently.  However, I realise the biggest difference for me is the diet and none of this would have been possible without Sujata’s support and expertise. She really has helped me make a positive change to my life and lifestyle.  I’m 3 kilos away from my target weight and am working with her to get there.” NM

Transformed my life
“Sujata has been brilliant. I arrived at my first consultation feeling low and miserable about my weight and inability to stick to any diet or exercise programme. Sujata’s easy to follow menu plans, informative nutritional advise and gentle guidance and encouragement has transformed my lifestyle. I eat well, exercise daily and have dropped a dress size.I feel great! I no longer suffer from PMT and I have a much healthier relationship with food. I have just returned from a three week holiday and have gained no weight. This is testimony to Sujata and her holistic approach to making life long changes. Thank-you Sujata!” VS

Your Program Package Options

“One off Consultation” 

£150 per consultation for a one off consultation.  Consultation will be 60 minutes and includes recipes and a suggested meal planner.

“Kick Start Package” 

£600 for 5 consultations (1 hour each).  For those who have a specific goal or health concern and are looking to kick start their journey to living healthily.  Includes recipes and suggested meal planner.

“Wellness package” 

£1000 for 10 consultations (an hour long).  For those looking to take major strides in getting their health back on track and making sustainable changes.  Includes recipes and suggested meal planner.

“The Overhaul”  

£1425 for 15 consultations (1 hour each).  For those who are committed to transforming their life and know that it isn’t going to happen overnight.  Includes recipes and suggested meal planner.

Benefits my clients experience after doing the Wellness Program

  • Transition from your current diet to a whole foods diet.  During The Wellness Program, foods and meals that suit your body type will be identified. I will guide and support you to make the changes at an appropriate pace that suits your lifestyle
  • Discover new foods that are delicious and easy to prepare
  • Incorporate healthy eating and cooking into your busy schedule

  • Increase in energy levels
  • Achieve optimum weight
  • Overcome food cravings
  • Learn about food and mood connections
  • Discover a fitness routine you enjoy
  • Achieve your goals to be healthier and happier.

Improve your health. Improve your life.

“My 20-year-old daughter was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and PCOS when we saw an Endocrinologist concerned about her continuous weight gain over adolescence. The Endocrinologist recommended that a proper diet and exercise routine was essential to get the hormones and other indicators working in balance if we were to avoid impending diabetes. That’s when I came to Sujata and after the first consultation we signed up for a 10 session package for my daughter. We met up regularly to keep up with the motivation and push that coaching provides. I realized that a good coach is invaluable when you have a goal and need the gentle push and encouragement, not to mention the whole strategy and program needed to achieve it. Sujata explains in detail what leads to improvements rather than giving a rigid schedule of program to follow. As a result, we experienced a change of mindset regarding lifestyle and nutrition that hopefully has changed our lives health wise. My daughter gradually increased the needed exercise routine and was not put off by the schedule. After 10 weeks saw real change in her weight and even her Endocrinologist has been happy with much better results. Her insulin indicators have greatly improved mostly due to weight loss, exercise and diet management. Consequently she is going to go off her medications needed to keep her insulin indicators in balance. I would highly recommend that continuity and consistent meetings of once in 10 days if not a week for maximum impact. I am very thankful to Sujata and personally I have realized how important nutrition coaching is for health. I would highly recommend Sujata as a health coach. Many thanks Sujata!”  SA

As a vegan, I must be extra vigilant to stay on top of the nutrition content of what I eat, so I engaged Sujata Din to help me make sure I was getting the right balance of foods. Through careful review of my daily intake and eating habits, Sujata helped me achieve the health and fitness goals I was aiming for.  Sujata was very generous in sharing with me several interesting recipes as well as great tools and resources to help me stay on track with my objectives. Sujata came to me highly recommended – now, I recommend Sujata to others!”  BB

 “Working with Sujata has helped me achieve goals that I no longer thought were possible. The individual sessions have provided the motivation and direction to enable me to make lifestyle changes without having an impact on my actual lifestyle. The best aspect is the fact that she has tailored the sessions for my requirements. After 3 sessions my energy levels doubled enabling me to push myself a little further. I no longer feel bloated and have been able to identify the foods that do not suit my body. The recipes have helped me find alternatives so that I always have a substitute to the ingredients that do not suit me.” PT

“I found the Wellness Program very informative with a comprehensive  set of content delivered in an easy to understand manner. It is a must for anyone wanting lead a more healthy lifestyle.” RG

I was diagnosed with psoriasis after my consultation with the dermatologist; I was treated with steroids cream which carry a high risk of side effects. After three months of treatment, the psoriasis subsided. It truly never went away and it came right back and in worse conditions. With the help of Sujata, I was able to follow a strict meal plan with recipe, with encouragement, support, and change in lifestyle; I noticed a vast improvement in my well being and in my psoriasis. Sujata is always available, encouraging, and caring; nothing is more valuable than an steady unwavering support  during a difficult illness with the rightly organized recipes and all the help she provies. I truly thank Sujata for all her great work and support; It truly has been such a great help. I feel much better.” DR

“My goals were to lose weight, improve my health parameters for diabetes, cholesterol and fatty liver because I got extremely scared when these health conditions were diagnosed. Sujata gave me the correct direction not only in terms of food but also at a mental and emotional level. She kept it simple as well as practical in today’s times when there is so much contradicting information that one ends up feeling lost and demotivated. The health program has been extremely effective for me, it’s given me the right direction without being too overwhelming and restricting and improved my health considerably in addition to the weight loss I am feeling happier and more positive, not feeling emotional about food and more focused and have increased energy and stamina. I sincerely thank you Sujata for this. ” KK 


Please note 24 hours notice is required if you cannot attend the appointment, so I can give the appointment time to someone else. 

The advice given by Sujata Din is not intended to substitute any medical advice. Anybody suffering from any medical condition, or symptoms requiring medical advice should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.  Please read the privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions.