Get to your goals faster.

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Enjoy your health journey.

Are you ready to begin your health journey with me?

I know you are busy juggling work with home, too exhausted by the end of the day to even think about cooking or exercise, even though you want to get into a healthier routine.

I can help you!

I work with many clients who feel exactly the same way as you; which is why all of my programmes are tailored to fit into your daily schedule, not change it.

If you need help getting started or deciding which program is best for you, contact me at or complete an online from at

Don’t feel guilty focusing on yourself as this is essential.  You can look after your family better and be more productive at work when you are healthier, have more energy and confidence.

My signature programs

Personalised one-to-one program

This holistic tailor made program is for you if you want a program that caters specfically to your lifestyle.  

We start by setting your goals and identifying what has held you back in the past.  I then send you your recommendations, recipes and a suggested meal planner.  Consultations are done online at a time that is convenient.

You are supported between consultations so you don’t feel alone.   For example, I check on your meals, portion size, what activity you are doing and answer your questions.  Get to your results faster with this program.

Mini sugar cleanse

The mini sugar cleanse is ideal for both, people with strong sugar cravings or those just looking to reduce their sugar intake. 

This is a complete program where I provide you with all the tools you need; recipes, handouts, training videos and my support.

You don’t give up sugar overnight but reduce it gradually, so you won’t be struggling with those uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

This is an affordable program that you can do from the comfort of your own home, at any time.

Wellness Membership Program

Get healthier, fitter & slimmer 

This is a hands-on group program where you learn from me through my online program what to do.  Members love it because it’s easy to follow and affordable.  I will be guiding and motivating you in the community group, where I hold you accountable and support you.

You are guided to make sustainable changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset and is ideal for those who want to make them gradually at a pace that works for them.  You get recipes, suggested meal planner, shopping list and learn about meal planning, portion sizes, eating mindfully and so much more.

Results include weight loss, increase energy levels and feeling and looking good without being on “a diet”.

Seven Day Detox

Reset and Refresh

The perfect jumpstart for you to get back on track and reset. This is ideal if you want to see results in seven days without dieting.

In this food based cleanse you will be eating three meals a day and can have snacks too.  It is based eliminating hard to digest or inflammatory foods and instead you include delicious foods that are nutrient dense.

I will be showing you in depth how and why you need to take time a few times a year to support your body to detoxify.

Results include weight loss, increase in energy, reducing belly bloat, clearer skin and feeling focused.