Health Store and Super-Market Tour

Are you unsure on how to get started on your healthy eating journey?

Are you considering going gluten, dairy, soy, egg or grain free but find it overwhelming on your own?

Let me guide you through your local supermarket or health store. This is a hands on tour where I answer all your questions. You will receive educational handouts/ materials. You will learn how to shop for healthier, cost-effective foods and find your way down the aisles understanding the labels that can be confusing; “Organic”, “Hormone Free”, “Fat Free”, “Hand-pressed”, etc.

We will discuss new, healthy ingredients that you have always wanted to try, but hesitated because you are not sure. We will read labels so you understand what the ingredients really are, the nutritional value of the foods and how to identify sugars, additives, etc.  We will look at fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and dried foods (cereals, pastas, beans, etc) and you will learn how to stock a healthy kitchen at a reasonable budget.

We will look at natural condiments that can be used to add  spice , natural sweetening and natural flavoring to your food.




Pantry Clean Out

During the pantry clean out I will visit your home and go through your pantry, fridge and freezer so be prepared and don’t hide anything; there is no judgement!

I will guide you on how to stock up your kitchen to cook efficiently and healthily. We will discuss what should be disposed of and why.  I will provide helpful handouts on stocking your kitchen with essentials including basic utensils and specialty equipment.  We will discuss basic food ingredients needed to cook healthy wholesome meals and extras so you can add to the zing!

If there is a family member who suffers from allergies, I will look for hidden food allergens and recommend alternatives.  There are numerable options for those suffering from gluten or dairy allergies, which in the beginning can be overwhelming and confusing when starting out on your own. I will guide you with options on where to shop and how to cook, providing specific recipes.

Workshops/ Group Classes

Sujata is available for group workshops on topics such as:

  • Overcoming Sugar Cravings,
  • Eating Healthily when Gluten and Dairy Free,
  • Eating for Energy,
  • Healthy Children, etc

Testimonials From Group Class Participants

“I did the classes for six weeks with Sujata. My goal was to start eating better and to gain a deeper understanding of food. I found the classes to be extremely interesting and informative. We learnt alot from Sujata, who is very knowledgeable yet very open-minded and as such she never forces you to do anything you are not ready for. We made very gradual sustainable lifestyle changes. The other thing that I loved about the class was that we shared different experiences with each other and learnt a lot. The various topics covered helped open our minds to new and different foods that we often hear about with wonder.” M.G

“Thanks for the thoughtful planning that went into each of your well organized sessions of practical learning and tasting. I love the key notes as well, as they are a helpful reference. I really appreciate your insight and support that continues to encourage natural eating and well being.” D.M

“I wanted to lose weight; prepare healthy dishes for the family. Sujata was able to help me with the workshops to tackle a whole range of subject matters like overcoming sugar craving; checking nutrition labels on food packets; healthy children; building immunity, etc. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning of the program has been the conscious effort in buying natural products in the supermarket, losing a bit of weight, reduction of processed and junk foods and increased regular weekly exercises. Sujata genuinely wants you to achieve your goals by making sure you eat right. Very generous with her time and imparting of significant information beneficial to all” A.D

“My goals were to become healthier in the long term and lose weight.  Sujata was knowledgable and gave practical advice on shopping and cooking healthily and I am now able to make informed choices and have a more varied diet than I did previously” L.H