Discover where you are on your weight loss journey and what to do

Are you tired of doing one diet after another, going around in circles and not getting to your goals?

It can be frustrating when you feel unsupported and alone on your weight loss journey, not knowing what you are doing right or wrong.  

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“I can’t believe within a month I have noticed so many changes, I have lost a stone from eating healthy wholesome nutritious foods and have been following your guidance religiously, I also fit better into my clothes. I feel satisfied after meals and no longer have as many sugar cravings as I used to and I have cheat meals without feeling guilty. My energy levels have increased and I am much more active than I used to be and in turn my mood swings have changed and I just feel happier.” RS

About Sujata:

Sujata Din is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Cancer Coach based in London. Sujata assists clients worldwide via individual consultations either in person, by Skype or phone. She equips clients with the tools, information and strategies that lead them to better health, higher energy levels and ultimately a happier disposition. She offers individual health and nutrition consultations, leads workshops on nutrition, cooking demonstrations and pantry overhauls.

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