Over the month of December most of us are eating out more than we normally do.  Meals outside the home may not be as healthy, as these usually have more sugar, salt or fat.

If you will are eating out frequently do follow my three simple tips:

✔️ Eating out is not an excuse for eating excessively so watch your portion sizes. Don’t feel compelled to have 3 courses, you can have just 2 courses. I would suggest a salad or soup as your starter followed by your main meal.

Or why not have just one satisfying main meal with some vegetables on the side.

✔️ Limit the number of desserts you are having in a week and when you do have a dessert you can share it.  Fruit based desserts like sorbets are better choices instead of the heavier cream based ones.

✔️ Ensure you are having some vegetables when eating out 

Also, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, get healthier and make changes that you can keep to, I will be sharing how you can do that next week. 

Watch my short video blog on Eating Out Healthily below!

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