Many of us have dreams about what we want in our life.  Can you close your eyes for a few moments and think about what you want it to look like one year from now?  How do you want your health to be?

Many people have big goals at the start of the year but find that they soon begin to fall off-track.  It may be because of the temptations all around; then giving in and either having cookies or cake with your cup of tea, ice-cream or chocolate while watching TV or needing a few glasses of wine to unwind and relax at the end of the day.  And, even though you enthusiastically signed up for the gym membership you now are struggling to fit it into your busy schedule.

So, to avoid this cycle repeating every year, where you make promises to yourself, but then fail…I want to share in today’s article what you can do to not give up on your wellness dreams.

Rathy’s story is inspiring and see how she got there in less than a year.

In the past, she used to say she was going to begin but found herself putting it off for another time.  Can you relate to that?

However, because she started my program, she actually was able to prioritise her health and make changes because she wanted to look and feel better within herself.

Rathy (63 years old) joined my program in early 2021, it was one of her New Year’s resolutions to improve her health and fitness.  And, she’s happy that last year, she’s finally accomplished it!

She had tried dieting to lose weight but it didn’t work.  She had high blood pressure, suffered from back aches and frequent headaches and felt tired and had low energy.

She was tired of feeling this way!

So she decided to do it differently and stop dieting and create healthy habits with my guidance. This has transformed her life.  One year later she’s:

  • Lost 13.5 kilos and is now at a healthy BMI
  • Improved her health markers
  • Her clothes are now loose for her
  • No backaches
  • She doesn’t need to take paracetamol
  • Has more energy now
  • Feels like she’s in her 40s

This lovely message is what she shared in our online community a few weeks ago.


What Rathy did

In case you too want to achieve your goals, I’m sharing how she built healthy habits:

✔️   Prioritised her health and committed to learn

✔️  Got active by including walks and exercises that fitted into her busy working day.  She did what she could and has over time built up her stamina.

✔️  Planned her meals so she could save time.  These are quick, easy family friendly recipes.

✔️  Ate healthy delicious balanced meals at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time to satisfy and take care of her cravings.

✔️  Included her favourite foods and traditional meals so she did not feel she was missing out.

✔️  Improved morning and evening routines to start and end the day well.

✔️  She got my step-by-step guidance to create new sustainable habits and was patient.

As Rathy was able to do it, I know you can too!

But don’t avoid putting off something because it will take some time; remember the time will pass by, you may as well use it well to do something that matters.

If you would like to get started, I’m happy to have a FREE Discovery Call with you.  CLICK HERE to arrange this and let me show you how you will do it…. with my support, resources and useful tools to learn and improve your health.