Many of you know through my newsletters that I am a health coach but you may not know that I also work as a cancer coach and am a member of the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches.

As a cancer coach I guide my clients on what foods to include, which ones to reduce/avoid and lifestyle changes that support recovery.  The information is not biased but based on credible current research.

Cancer coaching allows you to take charge of your health by making informed decisions and works alongside conventional treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation).   The treatment options should be discussed with your medical team to support a successful recovery.

Cancer coaching allows you to:

  • Improve your nutrition as you are provided with a cancer nutrition plan
  • Have an effective lifestyle program by designing environments to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness
  • Learn biofeedback methods to affect calm, release stress and to balance the body for healing.
  • Increase knowledge of your disease, how to minimize side effects and risk factors.
  • Gain a sense of control in your life as you take an active role in your treatment and recovery by making informed decisions.
  • Discover your personal strengths. Sometimes it takes a crisis before we learn the truth about our capabilities.
  • Express how you are feeling in a non-judgmental, confidential and safe environment.

How cancer coaching has helped two of my clients

Two years after my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, the cancer had further metastasized and I was trying to find a natural way of helping her fight and control the further progress of the cancer.  I was learning on my own, googling and trying very hard to understand the vast volume of information.  It was then that I was introduced to Sujata who is a cancer coach. It is a first that I heard of a cancer coach and was eager to find out how Sujata can help us learn quickly but systematically.  We signed up for a programme and Sujata took us through a series of lessons and practices covering diet, food, nutrients, environmental factors as well as physical, mental and spiritual approach to condition the whole being to combat the cancerBeing the only caregiver to my wife, I have to balance my work, care giving and learning. With Sujata’s clear and helpful guidance, not just on the lessons but also valuable resources such as places to buy organics and supplements, I was able to learn very quickly and implement the things given by Sujata. She was never imposing, impatient but kind, caring, and flows with our changing situation.  There was no pressure, instead with constant encouragement, motivation, and weekly review, we found her coaching effective and inspiring.  I must surmise without a cancer coach like Sujata, I would not be able to provide my wife with proper nutrition and living conditions that will render her fit to combat the cancer.  It’s almost 20 months since we started the programme, we have a good foundation now and are still learning and continuing to battle with the cancer. And that’s thanks to Sujata who not only offers professional advice but also friendship and kindness.” HKH

Sujata has been a fantastic help during my treatment process (both chemotherapy and radiotherapy). She is so calm and to the point and make you feel relaxed and confident that you are on the right track and you are doing the right things for yourself and your health. She is very resourceful not only from a recipe point of view but also where to shop, etc. She covers all aspects of a healthy well being (mind / body / spirituality) and always ready to help. I highly recommend working with her if you are going through a difficult period on your health.” NK

Why work with a Cancer Coach

According to Cancer Research UK It is expected that one in two people will develop cancer at some time.  Experts estimate that 4 in 10 cases can be prevented by lifestyle changes, which include not smoking, eating a healthy balanced diet, cutting back on alcohol and keeping active.  Some cancers can be linked to specific reasons, e.g. diets high in red and processed meats have contributed to the rise in bowel cancer.

Many of us know somebody who has been diagnosed with cancer.  There are many emotions one feels when diagnosed with cancer, it comes as a shock and can be daunting as there is so much one goes through during that time.  There is also the  feeling of being overwhelmed as have to make important decisions about the treatment during this stressful time.

On being diagnosed with cancer, life turns upside down and one looks for ways to make sense of it all.   You begin questioning why you got it, was it something you did or didn’t do.  If you are reading this and it’s a family member or friend who has been diagnosed, you know the many challenges they are experiencing.

One feels rushed in making a treatment decision and begins to feel as they are losing control of their life.  On being diagnosed, the cancer patient begins to read on what the best treatment plan is.  Well meaning friends and family send them articles or books to read, foods and supplements to try.  It’s too much too quickly, especially as some of the information is conflicting.

It is an established fact that patients who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared will recover and heal faster than patients who are not.

What Cancer Coaching Is Not

Cancer Coaching is not psychotherapy, medical counseling or medical advice. Therapy and counseling typically focus on past events with an emphasis on exploring and processing feelings. Medical advice requires the skills of a trained medical doctor to assess one’s medical health and wellness options from the standpoint of disease processes.  As a cancer coach I will not offer treatment suggestions or advice.

Cancer Coaching is oriented more towards action regarding nutritional and lifestyle issues and focuses more on education of your cancer and your body.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Being informed about your disease, treatment options and expectations will empower you to take control of the process.  This can affect your recovery and personal experience in a positive way.

Who benefits from Cancer Coaching

Cancer coaching is for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, recovering from cancer and those who want to reduce their risk of cancer.

Coaching Is Not a Substitute for Professional Medical Care.  However, Medical Care Is Not a Sole System for Remission and Recovery as lifestyle and diet are important. Cancer coaching works alongside your treatment