Hope you had a lovely break over the Christmas holidays and you are all relaxed, refreshed and excited to enter the New Year and make this the year to achieve your wellness goals.

I am sure you have many goals, some big and some small and what’s important is that you get started in taking daily action towards these. 

For many their big goal is to lose weight and to look and feel better. However, when you’ve tried this in the past, by making some changes, you find that you aren’t as consistent or committed as you would want to be.  And then when you don’t see the weight go down, you feel like giving up. This is because you tied all your goals to the weighing scales. 

Weight loss goals are important but you also need to think about other goals such as your energy levels, mood and sleep, since these affect your weight loss goal.  

Break down your big goal into smaller doable steps and make the weight loss journey enjoyable, because if you’re having fun with what you’re doing, you will always look forward to it and are fitting this into your life.  However, if it is too difficult, time consuming or boring, it feels like a chore and you look for excuses.

I have created a short video to watch on how to set your goals and inspire you to get started.

In the video above, I share the importance of SMART goals, which are:

S – Specific/Significant

M – Measurable/Meaningful

A – Achievable/Attainable

R – Relevant/Realistic

T – Timely/Trackable

An example of a SMART goal is to fit a walk into your routine, as is better to be consistent with what you do, rather than sporadically using the gym and then feel guilty that you wasted money. 

SMART fitness goal: Walk daily for 15 minutes (or longer if you can).  Then over time challenge yourself and increase the speed and time you walk.  

And if you are currently eating junk food, you can apply this to have a healthy snack, which can be homemade or be bought.  Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you’re busy and haven’t got time to make everything from scratch.

SMART snack goal: Eat one piece of fresh fruit daily.

Do make some time to write your big goals, then think of the SMART goals that will get you there.  

As a Health Coach, I am helping my clients to follow simple practical steps which result in weight loss and feeling good.  It’s what I’m teaching in my 28 Day Program

If you would like to get my guidance when creating your SMART goals, send me an email and we can set up a FREE call or you can schedule it HERE.

This is what Rene shared after doing my program:

“I was happily surprised by the simple recipes that I could cook easily. I feel good, have lost weight, my clothes are getting loose for me and friends have complimented me on my weight loss. My skin is clearer and I no longer get the strong sugar cravings that I previously had. Most importantly I’m not hungry as I used to be”  Rene