I wanted to share how one of my members got healthier by losing weight and over 6% body fat.

You may be thinking, “Do you need to lose body fat?”

And the answer is yes. The mistake many make when dieting is they are only focusing on weight loss, and not considering whether they are losing fat and gaining muscle mass. Having a high body fat % increases risk of many disease like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. And having higher muscle mass is beneficial for your health as reduces risk of these diseases and also improves your metabolism.

Leesha joined the Wellness Membership to get healthier and wanted to learn what changes to make to her diet and lifestyle. She was already eating healthily but wanted to know how to improve what she was doing. And one of her goals was to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.

These are the changes Leesha saw:


As you can see her body fat decreased and muscle mass percentage increased considerably.

And she did this by eating clean, exercising and staying active. She enjoyed her wellness journey. She did not have to eat bland or boring meals and below I’m sharing some of the meals she ate.

Leesha was eating her traditional meals.  She also had colourful delicious satisfying salads, a variety of foods and did not feel restricted as she also ate out when making these changes

What’s important is that she did not stop living her normal life, she continued with it. She was active and she exercised. She prioritised her health and made the changes.

To lose weight and keep it off, you should learn how to create healthier habits rather than following quick fix diets that result in you losing weight and then putting it back on soon after. Yo-yo dieting leaves you feeling frustrated and may also be harmful for your health. Also, when many diet they make the mistake of having “diet” meals and not have their regular meals. You should be eating foods that you enjoy the taste of and also have your traditional foods.

If you have been trying to lose weight (and body fat) and haven’t seen the results on your own then do reply to this email. I can share how I can help you create healthier habits without dieting or deprivation. And you can do it without having to spend hours cooking or exercising.

The Wellness Membership Program includes recipes, coaching videos, cooking classes and also an interactive online community. You will be motivated and inspired to get to your goals.

Want to get healthier and lose weight too?
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