Staying healthy when on a long road trip
When traveling and on a long journey, which could be by car or train, there are times we all find ourselves starving and in need of a quick snack or meal.  The most convenient option of course is fast food, either getting it from a fast food restaurant, convenience store or going to a drive thru as most towns have these.  After filling up on soda, pastries, crisps, biscuits, etc not only will you feel lethargic, but if done frequently, you will find that the weight can creep up, as you are not active during the journey.
Having been on a long road trip last week I want to share how can you avoid being very hungry or cranky, so that you don’t give in to junk food and can wait to get a healthy meal a little later.
The morning you travel, start your day with a filling breakfast, which will keep you going for hours.  Home made granola, porridge, eggs, toast with avocados and cheese are healthy breakfast choices.
Snack healthy during the journey.  Did you know that the real fast food, before corporations built these multi-million dollar unhealthy options for us, was good old-fashioned nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Imagine that! These should always be the number one snack option, and they are sold everywhere so you don’t need to visit the drive thru.
So, if it is about convenience then you need to prepare ahead of time. If you pack snacks and quick foods to go in your bag then you will always have a fast food option that aligns with having a healthy determination. I suggest packing apples, bananas, grapes, and even some healthy homemade trail mix.  Combining nuts, seeds and dried fruit like cranberries can make this.
Don’t eat snacks mindlessly through the journey but keep to regular gaps between meals and snacks.  You may find there isn’t much to do during the long journey, so you then begin grazing and very quickly go through all the snacks you brought.  It’s better to eat well at snack times so you feel satisfied and can wait until the next meal.
Don’t skip any meals when traveling.  Your meal timings may be very different to the one at home, but make time and take a break for lunch or dinner. If you don’t do this, when you stop to eat, you will be starving and make all the wrong meal choices.  For your ease and convenience you can carry some sandwiches or crackers with cheese in a cooler bag.
Carry water with you and this should be your main drink through the journey.  Juices are high in sugar, so don’t have too many of these.  If you need caffeine, have a coffee or tea, but not the sodas or lattes that are high in sugar or fat.
If you are on a very long road trip plan your stops along the way so you know when and where you will be eating.  Check online menus and make reservations before you set off.
If you do end up eating in a fast food restaurant, go for the healthier options and most do offer these.  Skip the sugar-laden soft drinks or milkshakes and have water as your main drink.  Instead of fried foods, select the baked or grilled options with a salad.
The best way to avoid unhealthy fast food joints is to always make sure you have a healthier fast food option with you.  With a little preparation and planning you won’t be tempted to buy the bag of crisps or sweets when you stop.