I wanted to share Maya’s transformation with you, who went from…

  • Not being able to lose weight to finally losing 5 kilos
  • Poor digestion to overcoming bloating and acidity
  • Low energy to now feeling refreshed

Maya is a busy working woman, and just like many of you she has a family to look after.  Maya had been trying on her own to get healthier but just wasn’t seeing the results.  She knew there was something missing from what she was doing, but wasn’t sure what it was.  

Maya had seen my recipes and health tips and liked what I shared.  So last year when I did my program, she decided it was time to join it and get the support that she needed it.

She did it to save herself time and effort and to stop going around in circles and create the healthier life she had always wanted.

Maya enjoyed the program and she learnt so much.  This is what she got in my complete program:

  • Step by step process to follow, so no time being wasted on the internet looking for weight loss information.
  • Quick, easy and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time (suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians).
  • Suggested meal planner and shopping list (no shakes, supplements, etc)
  • Ate real foods including her traditional meals.  You do not need to cook separate meals as all traditional meals have healthy options.
  • Activity and exercise guide, which can be easily done at home. 
  • Overcame limiting beliefs which holds so many people back.  These are thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “It’s too difficult for me because I am busy or don’t have the time”.
  • Healthy morning and evening routines, which saves time and brings calmness.
  • Asked questions in our exclusive online community and got the answers she needed, so was never stuck.
  • Connected with other like minded women in our online community, so was inspired by others.

Maya got to her goals because she had a program to follow and I was guiding, motivating and supporting her and most importantly she was not alone as she connected with other women.

In her own words this is what Maya shared “I have benefited immensely with her methodical and step by step approach, support and guidance. Sujata’s focus on conscious eating, portion control, planning meals has helped me overcome my issues with acidity, bloating and loosing all the excess weight gained. While doing this program, I’ve never had to switch to diet mealsI felt more energetic, confident, had less cravings for sugar and overall very comfortable with my body. The online community which is part of her program is really helpful as we learn together and support and encourage each other. Sujata is very committed to the cause of healthy eating is genuinely interested in our success in achieving our goals. Sujata has been absolutely brilliant and I would definitely recommend her program.”

It was so good for me to see Maya’s transformation and that of all the other women who did the Program.  

And I know you too are ready to see this change. 

Now, you may have your doubts and fears, like “You don’t know if you will fail again” or “You don’t know if you can complete this”.  Or you may also be thinking “Now is not the best time for me as I am busy”.

Trust me you can do it now, as this is a step by step program.

The only difference between Maya and you is that Maya took the step of getting good support, she followed a structured program and was motivated and inspired.

This is available to you too, so CLICK HERE to join me in my 28 Day Program.

If you have any questions or concerns, do get in touch with me and I am happy to answer them.

I look forward to having you join.