Today I wanted to share Mina’s inspirational story.  Mina lost weight while eating her favourite foods, including traditional meals like curries, roti, rice and snacks like Bombay mix.

After 7 years of trying different diets such as weight watchers and slimming world without seeing results, Mina joined my 28 Day Program.

She was happy to see results even whilst eating more food.

Mina, who is 65 years old, had lost her husband a few years ago.  This was a difficult period for her, which led to comfort eating and consequently she put on weight.

She had been wanting to lose this weight for years.  One of her biggest problems was that she wanted to lose weight whilst being able to enjoy her traditional foods but just didn’t know how to do so and what portions of foods to have. Most popular diets do not cater to allow an Indian diet and therefore she made no progress when trying them.  Maybe, you too feel restricted by these quick fix diets, as you can’t eat the same meals as your family.

Mina even went all the way back to India many years ago, in search of a solution by visiting health farm and looking for an Indian dietician.  It was important to her that she could find a diet plan that wasn’t restrictive, but also allowed for her to lose weight, so she wanted more knowledge on nutrition.

Mina is so grateful to have joined the 28 Day Program as she was able to save time and money with the course as she no longer has to travel to India or try different unsustainable diets to lose weight.

She has kindly shared her experience in an interview, what she went through and how she benefited from my course:

Some significant improvements that Mina saw:

  • No longer has cravings for Indian sweet treats.
  • Feels satisfied with her three meals a day.
  • Not losing hair.
  • Gained more knowledge on nutrition.
  • Learned how to eat properly.
  • Has more energy to look after grandchildren and work full time.
  • Her family are happier now that she’s healthier.
  • Her mindset is positive.
  • Better awareness.

All of these brilliant achievements have been achieved while still allowing her to enjoy her traditional foods without having to count calories.

What helped her?

  • Understanding exactly what she should be including in her meals to make them more satisfying.
  • Learning how to eat traditional foods and snacks healthily.
  • Walking and incorporating exercise into her busy schedule.
  • Created healthier routines.
  • A positive mindset to try different recipes.

Mina recommends the program as she says rather than just dieting, it has helped her to create a healthy lifestyle and best of all, everything that she has learnt is sustainable.

A huge congratulations to Mina, it has been so incredible to see her achieve her weight goals.

As you can see, I help women like you who want to improve their diet and lifestyle whilst still enjoying the foods that you love.

Included in my program is my step-by-step guidance as well as exclusive access to my coaching, online community and you get my personal support to give you feedback and hold you accountable.

Feeling ready to get started and look and feel good this summer?

I know that you may have questions about it, and want to know how this is different from your previous diets and if it will work for you. 

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