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We all want to be improving ourselves in some way. It may be to learn a language or improve a skill so you study. Or it may be to further your career so you enrol for a course and specialise in a field. Or it may be to improve your health.

With everything that we do we all face different obstacles, some are small and some are big. But there is usually something that comes up which makes what we want to do a little difficult or challenging. For instance, lack of time may be a reason you are not doing what you want to.

What matters most is how do we deal with these obstacle. In my video blog I share why it is important to identify your obstacles and then start with “one thing” that is always holding you back from getting healthier.

Once you are aware and accept what it is, you can find a way to get around it.

I know that it is so much easier to give up, instead of trying again and again. However, something I remind myself, each time we fail we learn a valuable lesson which allows us to do it better next time.

Watch this health tip video to see what tips I share with my clients who want to get healthy but are feeling stuck because of the obstacles they face.

Do you have obstacles holding you back, share them with me and I can include that as a topic in my upcoming video health tip blogs.

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