Can you imagine losing almost 10 kilos without having to diet?  And also finally not having aches and pains?

Rathy did just that and she shares how in today’s video which you can watch.

Before the Wellness Membership Program, Rathy….

  • Tried losing weight but couldn’t
  • Had suffered from backaches
  • Got frequent headaches
  • Had high blood pressure
  • Felt tired and had low energy

 Does any of this resonate with you, where you feel the same way too?

After consulting with her doctor, who told her she should lose weight as her blood pressure was high, she knew she had to do something.  But the problem was she struggled to motivate herself when doing it on her own.  After realising she needed some guidance, she decided to join my Wellness Membership Program to get the right support, learn what to do and gain an accountability partner.

She started at the beginning of this year as it was one of her New Year’s resolutions to improve her health and fitness.  And, she’s happy that this year, she’s accomplished this after joining the program!  In the past, she used to say she was going to begin but found herself putting it off for another time.  However, because she joined, she actually was able to prioritise her health and make changes.

It’s six months since she joined and Rathy is an inspiring woman, who at 63 years old did not let her age or lack of time be an excuse for not getting healthier.  She focused on making changes and has seen amazing results….

  • She’s lost almost 10 kilos
  • Inches all over the body
  • Her clothes are now loose for her
  • No backaches
  • She doesn’t need to take paracetamol
  • Has more energy now
  • Feels like she’s in her 40s

Rathy shared how she was initially hesitant at first as wasn’t sure she could do it.   But after seeing how simple yet effective the program was, she then decided to continue.

Do watch this video to be encouraged by Rathy, that you too can do it and don’t let your age, busy schedule, work commitments, etc hold you back.

How she did it:

Since she started, she has made great strides in all aspects of her health.  Over this time period she became more organised, ate less junk food, started eating healthy meals and became more active.

She has gained a wealth of knowledge, like how to read supermarket labels and most importantly, strengthened her mindset. Rathy no longer experiences back aches and has achieved her goal of losing 10kg.

Now that Rathy has achieved these primary goals, she is continuing along her health journey by setting new ones.  Reflecting on her journey, she wishes she had started 10 years ago and encourages anyone in her position to give it a try! She stated that commitment was important; once you can prioritise and commit, follow the program and then everything will fall into place.

As you can see, with Rathy’s new habits, she is now doing it automatically and it’s become her way of life.

If you are in a similar situation to Rathy, make a change to see a change by doing the Wellness Membership Program.

And if you would like to meet your health goals but are feeling hesitant or worried, I would be happy to answer any questions that you have.  Get in touch with me at

Wellness Membership Program: Join Me To Create Healthier Habits