As the cost of living increases we are all looking to save as much money as possible.  This means looking at the different ways to cut costs, especially for things that we don’t necessarily need to buy.  It’s by saving pennies daily, that over time we end up saving pounds. 

Over the last few years there’s been more awareness about what we can all do individually to support the health of our planet by reducing waste, recycling and reusing and reducing.

Today, I want to share some simple tips how you can get healthier, save money and simultaneously help the environment as there is an inter relationship between all three.

Carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times; so you stay hydrated during the day, saves you from buying water and helps reduce plastic because you aren’t throwing away plastic bottles after one use.

Reduce animal produce and increase plant based foods in your diet

One of the health benefits of including more plant based protein is that it has less fat and more fibre, compared to animal protein. The environmental costs are much lower because less water is used.  Plant based foods like beans and lentils are also cheaper compared to chicken, fish, lamb, etc.

I know there are many choices at the supermarket, with many new products, so read the labels and instead of the processed plant based foods like sausages and patties, buy those made with real natural ingredients.  

Eat balanced meals as these are nutritious and keeps you fuller for longer rather than having processed foods that leave you feeling hungry soon after.  I’m sure you will agree with me that you end up reaching for more snacks when you are starving.  So learn what to eat and have balanced meals which keep you more satisfied, reduce your cravings naturally, and this saves you money over purchasing snacks. 

Take packed lunches and snacks.  Don’t throw away your left overs and instead pack these to take with you for lunch time. This means you can save money, as not buying daily lunches/snacks and results in using less plastic and packaging.

Walk instead of driving. Lastly, consider if the journeys you have planned need to be taken by car or can you walk or even ride a bike to reach your destination.  This way you save some money on fuel, this benefits the environment and you’re also getting some exercise and fresh air which is extremely important for your health.

By doing what you can on a daily basis, even if it is a small change or adjustment, it will add up to big results.  Using these tips, not only do you save some money but you can also at the same time help the environment and get fitter.

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