Sometimes I feel like both a smoothie and some granola and that is when I make a smoothie bowl. It’s smooth, creamy, cooling and has the crunchy texture of granola.   Not only does it taste good, it’s nutritious as made with fresh fruits and no added sugars.

One of the reasons I love smoothie bowls is they keep me going for hours and are satisfying.

To make a smoothie bowl is so simple, you just need to make a thick smoothie and then top with granola, nuts, fruits, seeds, etc. You won’t ever get bored as there are so many ways you make a smoothie bowl.

Try my berry smoothie bowl recipe when you feel like having something sweet, satisfying and crunchy.⁣

1 ½ cups frozen strawberries

¾ cup milk (or dairy free milk)

½ cup granola

1 ½ tbsp sunflower seeds

6 almonds, sliced

1 ½ tbsp shredded coconut

½ cup blueberries

Blend the milk and frozen strawberries to make a thick smoothie.  Pour this into two bowls and top with granola, sunflower seeds, almonds, shredded coconut and berries.  Serves 2.

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