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Do you know that that often one of the mistakes that so many people make when getting healthier, is that they just dive in, without having identified what they want to achieve and most importantly WHY they want to achieve this.  Which means that after a few months when they are not seeing results or get bored they give up.  When working with my clients we spend a lot of time identifying what they want and also why they want it.

We all start from somewhere. 

In today’s health tip video I share with you my “WHY” – why I wanted to make changes and why I became a health coach.  After watching this short video I want you to identify what your WHY is for getting healthier?  Is it to age healthily, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, lose weight to look and feel good or have the energy to spend quality time with your family.

After watching this short health tip video please take a few minutes to write down what your why is.

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