Is it possible to see a difference in just 28 days?

The answer is yes it is.  

And what the best part about this is, you don’t need to go hungry or stop your favourite meals or traditional foods.

I want to share with you my client Kavi’s success story.

In August Kavi registered for my 28 Day Program.  This is what she said after completing it:

“Before joining, I had tried diets, that left me feeling frustrated. Being vegetarian I was told I needed protein shakes that I didn’t want to have. I tried intermittent fasting that left me grumpy and hungry, especially as I was skipping breakfast.

Sujata’s program has made me feel healthier and happier and I haven’t denied myself anything. And I’ve now finally learnt how to get essential proteins from my food. Eating balanced meals makes me more satisfied and my savoury cravings for snacks like chevdah have gone.

The best part is that I can enjoy the same meals as my family, bridging the gap that diets in the past had created. I’ve lost 2 kilos and the program has not only benefitted my weight but also has shown improvements in my blood sugar levels.  

One of my main drives is to age well as I don’t want my my body to fail me. This program has laid the foundation for that goal as I truly believe I am on the right path to holistic health.” Kavi

weight loss without fasting

I guide busy women, especially those juggling careers and families, to reclaim their health and confidence. Many face challenges like weight gain and menopause symptoms, but still crave their traditional dishes and also want to eat other cuisines too.

My programs are designed so that you can enjoy your favourite meals, never count calories, and still lose that belly fat.

The best part? You eat till you’re satisfied, and your whole family can join in. With my approach, you’ll not only drop the weight but you’ll sleep better, feel more energised, and confidently wear your favourite outfits. Let’s make health simple and delicious together! “

If you are feeling stuck and haven’t seen results, you are not alone.  Set up a FREE discovery call with me, let’s discuss your goals and I will explain how I can help you. 

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