Do you find yourself constantly craving sweet treats like gulab jamun and cake? Do you feel like you’re addicted to sugar? Many people struggle with giving up sugar and often wonder, “Why can’t I give up sugar?”

I’m going to share with you three mistakes you might be making in your journey to cut out sugar.

We all know that sugar, especially in excessive amounts, is not good for us.  It can cause several health issues including inflammation, weight gain, belly fa and even affects your skin and can cause acne.

You might have been trying to give it up for ages, maybe as a New Year’s resolution, or because you have holidays or festive periods coming up and need to lose weight quickly.

Many people start by completely cutting out sugar, which works for a few weeks, but eventually, the cravings kick in, and you give in to cookies, chocolate, or mithai.

It’s time to stop making these mistakes:

Mistake 1: Not Eating Proper Meals

One of the biggest mistakes is not eating balanced meals. Many common meals like pizza, sandwiches, and pasta don’t provide the sufficient protein, fibre, and healthy fats you need to feel satisfied.

Learn how to prepare balanced meals. When you eat balanced meals, you will find that you don’t crave sugar soon after mealtime. This approach has helped many of my clients see results in just five days.

Mistake 2: The All-or-Nothing Mindset

Cutting out all sugars overnight and going cold turkey can cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which vary for everyone. These symptoms can include headaches, irritability, low energy, etc.

I used to experience all of these symptoms when cutting out sugar. It’s very hard to cut out sugar overnight because it has addictive properties.

It’s better to gradually reduce refined sugars and replace them with natural sugars. This method is healthier for you and allows your taste buds to adjust, so you don’t need as much sugar anymore.

Mistake 3: Ignoring Emotional Eating Triggers

We all crave sugar at certain times, often due to emotional triggers. Do you need biscuits with tea or ice cream when watching TV to feel good? This is a classic sign of comfort eating.

Take these emotional triggers into account. Recognising and addressing these triggers can help you break the cycle of sugar cravings.

Begin to address these mistakes by learning what to do so that you can actually give up refined sugar but you can still have small amounts of healthier sugars like honey and maple syrup.

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