If you are struggling to lose weight, I know how frustrating it feels.  You start a program all excited and can’t wait to finally lose the weight…but then it never happens.

I see so many people make the same mistakes again and again.  This is wasting your time and efforts.  However, when you know what to do, you will lose weight and can maintain it.

Watch the video where I share what five mistakes people make.  These are:

#1. Doing too much, too quickly.  This is when you are trying to do everything that you feel helps you lose weight faster into a short period of time but then it becomes overwhelming and unsustainable.  Don’t do this as you can’t always live your life this way.

#2. Doing a quick fix diet.  You are restricting yourself and feel deprived as you can’t enjoy same traditional meals as your family or you miss your favourite foods like chocolate or crisps.  After the diet ends, you end up going back to your old habits and regain the weight.

#3. Focusing only on exercise.  Have you got a gym membership, a personal trainer, maybe you are using YouTube videos or running? Exercise alone will not result in weight gain.  You also need to be eating clean and having a healthy lifestyle too.

#4. You feel worse.  When you do a diet that causes irritability, fatigue, bloating, etc. you can’t maintain it.  For instance, you count calories or have meal replacement shakes and these leave you hungry, tired, moody, with headaches, etc.  So you then give up as was difficult to do and regain the weight.

#5. Ignoring nutrition.  Too many diets don’t consider your nutrition and what’s needed for energy, healthy digestion, immunity, skin, etc.  This then may cause hair loss, lethargy, constipation, etc.  Always think about your long term health along with weight loss.

My client Harsha was stuck on a plateau.  She joined my 28 Day Program to lose weight whilst keeping it real and eating the same meals as her family and lost 2 kilos.

Stop making these mistakes and come join me in my 28 Day Program.  Just like Harsha you will see results eating Indian meals.


If you have any questions, send me an email at sujata@optimum-nutrition.org