As it is very cold now, I know many don’t feel like drinking much water.  However, it is essential that we stay hydrated as we need water for many functions in the body; including regulation of body temperature, healthy digestion, clearer skin, better moods as not feeling lethargic and helps the body naturally detoxify.   Water is the best drink to choose, don’t need to count calories, and helps when losing weight as curbs cravings and boosts energy levels.

If you are struggling to lose weight, below I’m sharing some tips with you.  I’ve also created a video, do watch this.


Track how much water you are drinking to make sure you are meeting your daily target and drinking enough.

The European Food Safety Authority recommends that adequate total water intake for women is 2 litres a day and for men it is 2.5 litres a day.

If you aren’t drinking enough, you can use the ideas below increase it.

When tracking, look out for patterns. Maybe you drink water during the afternoon and evening, but forget to drink water in the morning, and therefore have disrupted sleep as wake up to go to the toilet.  You can adjust this by having a glass first thing when you wake up and drinking more earlier in the day.

Set your goals

Once you’ve tracked to see how much you drink, then set your water goal if it is below the recommended amounts.  So, for instance, if you are having only 5 glasses, increase to 6 and then gradually over time increase it to 8.  I always suggest baby doable steps which are easier to maintain.

Start the day with water, make this a habit.  By drinking water first thing, it can have a positive impact on your energy, focus, and performance,


Set yourself to succeed with different reminders to drink water throughout the day.  These could be carrying a water bottle with you, keeping a jug/water glass in different rooms at home or setting a phone reminder to alert you at the same time each day or even multiple times through the day.

Enjoy water

For those that don’t like to drink water, there are simple ways you can make drinking water more enjoyable.  For instance, by adding mint leaves or lemon/orange slices to make it taste better.  And if you feel cold, you can have either warm/hot water or make your own infused herbal teas made with herbs and fruits.

Hydrating foods

Drinking water is important, however it’s not the only way to restore your fluid levels. Although most of our water intake comes from drinks, fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon are a good source.  In the winter, you can also make warming soups and stews as these will have some water in them.

Even though we know we need to drink water, we sometimes forget to do this.  So, do use some of these tips to stay hydrated over winter.

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