Next Monday, from the 29th April I begin the Five Day Sugar Free Challenge and in this step by step program I will be sharing what you can do to reduce and overcome your sugar cravings.

Often when you try on your own, you just dive into the program, without having planned what you will be doing or even eating. And if you have tried giving up sugar, you know that it is difficult when you have not prepared healthier meals.

I have spent months creating my complete Sugar Cleanse and included the many tips that have helped so many of my clients.

What the sugar cleanse includes:

In this Five Day Sugar Free Challenge I have over 50 Recipes for you to try, and there are choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

So you will not be wasting time looking for tips or recipes in magazines or on the internet, as these are all in this complete program.

and you have my sugar cleanse videos and handouts, plus the daily emails to educate and show you what to do.

Meal choices – a day during the sugar cleanse:

Satisfying Breakfast so you start the day right, either a refreshing smoothie, oats or have eggs.

Lunches are kept to quick meals as I know you are busy. It could be either a salmon or chickpea pasta salad.

Dinners too have to be family friendly recipes, so try the baked tomato thyme chicken or the curried quinoa with black beans.

and Snacks to take care of your sugar cravings include my oat chocolate chip cookies, granola bars or energy balls and so many other recipes!

As you can see you will not be hungry.

Plus, I will share in the challenge how to save time so you are not spending hours in the kitchen.

Do I have to eat only home cooked meals?

You are not restricted to meals at home, you can definitely eat out and will learn how to make better choices when doing this.

To get the two special bonuses do register now.

Bonus 1: My support in a closed online group for the five day challenge starting next Monday, 29th April

Bonus 2: Complete smoothie guide with 15 recipes

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