It is a common mistake to assume that what we buy from health stores or even the healthy aisles in a supermarket, are always the best option.

We need to read the nutrition labels to see what ingredients have been used and also what it contains, how much sugar, fat, fibre, etc.

In this short video, I compare the sugar content of some popular healthy foods, Deliciously Ella energy ball and nakd cashew cookie with a kit kat and a kinder bueno white.

Even though the healthy options have natural ingredients, they are very high in sugar and should not be eaten daily.

Watch this video to learn what I share.

I know that many of you do not eat chocolate bars, but that you may be getting healthier alternatives.

So, if you buy these types of snacks, you will want to learn in the Sugar Free Challenge, how to make better choices when getting your snacks. 

Not only will you save money, but also time, as you won’t be looking for information on what to have to reduce sugar cravings, as it’s all in the Sugar Free Challenge Program.