Olivia was going through peri menopause and had been struggling to lose weight and had hot flushes.  She had done Weight Watchers and Intermittent Fasting, but then hit a plateau.  The problem with these diets she found was that it left her constantly feeling hungry and deprived.  She was also feeling frustrated because she wasn’t seeing results, this then led to lack of motivation.  

Olivia contacted me to ask if I could help.  She wanted to lose weight without feeling hungry.  She’s a busy working mum and wanted something that would fit into her life as she doesn’t want to cook separate meals.  I explained how my program worked.  

She started my program and has seen some amazing results in just one month. 

“In the first week of the program I slept so well for the first time in a very long time.  I wasn’t waking up in the night hungry.  I haven’t had hot flushes in a month.” Olivia

Olivia’s been pleasantly surprised by the results: 

✔️ No more hot flushes

✔️ Lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks whilst eating more food

✔️ Sleeping better and is well rested

✔️ More energy

✔️ Is more mindful and aware of what she’s doing

✔️ Feels happier

What helped her?

  • Learning what to do in my program
  • Enjoying the recipes from the program.
  • Being consistent.
  • Knowing what to eat and feeling satisfied.
  • Being inspired by seeing what others are eating.

Olivia’s seen changes in the way she looks but more importantly in how she feels. She can now enjoy 3 full meals a day and a snack, without worrying about the calorie count.

She found my program easy to follow and the recipes are amazing. Plus, being inspired when seeing what others in the program are eating has made her open to trying new things.

A huge congratulations to Olivia in making these changes.

As you can see, I help busy people like you who want to lose weight, increase energy levels, balance hormones and feel more confident.  This is done whilst eating foods that you enjoy. 

I would love to have you come and join me.

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