Today’s inspiring article is about a client of mine, Bella, who initially joined my Wellness Membership with her main goal being weight loss.  And she now describes how her health journey has evolved since she started.

Bella had always been able to keep the weight off, even after having her children. However, in the recent years she noticed her weight slowly creep up and wanted to do something about it.

Bella is a busy working mum and she had looked for programs that would help her achieve her weight loss goals.  But, was not able to find something that catered to her dietary requirements, or some programs were restrictive diets, making them unsuitable for her.

She had been following me for some time on social media and when she came across my Wellness Membership Program, she was interested by the fact that it was a non-restrictive, affordable program, that catered to all dietary requirements.  She had some questions, so we set up an initial call. During the call, I assured Bella that she would not need to give up her favourite treat, chocolate and that she would not have to cook separate meals for her family.  So, she decided to give it a try and sign up! 

Being part of the Wellness Membership Program, she has learnt so many different things at a pace that worked for her given her busy schedule.  She now realises that it is never just ‘one thing’ that will make you see results; the journey to getting healthy is made up of several small steps and changes.

Bella’s results:

  • Has more energy
  • Lost 1 stone
  • Clothes fit better
  • Feels good from within
  • Clearer skin
  • Is more confident

She has come a long way and because the changes were small and made gradually, they have now become a habitual part of her day.  This makes her feel confident that she will be able to successfully sustain this in the future. 

So what helped her?

These are some of the things Bella did to get to her results.

  • Learned how to prepare a healthy plate.
  • Understood what healthy food swaps she could make.
  • Was hydrated having water through the day.
  • Started getting more active by walking and exercising.
  • Began meditating daily; this is something she now particularly enjoys, along with her walks.
  • Made all these habits second nature

She has really enjoyed her weight loss journey.  Bella is still continuing, she has new goals and wants to improve not just her health, but the health of her family too. 

And if you are thinking “I can’t do it because I crave sugar or I cannot give up my favourite foods”, that is what Bella initially thought too.  But now, she says “Give it a try!” You will get the support from me plus there is an amazing interactive online community to connect to others, so you won’t be alone.

As you can see, getting healthy is not just about weight loss but about improving your overall wellness and lifestyle, while achieving your health goals. 

Feeling ready to take that first step and find out how you too can lose weight?

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