I coach many people who have different goals, but the one thing they have in common is that they prioritise their wellness and self-care.

Today I wanted to share how Laxmi lost weight and went back to a size 8 after 36 years.  She did this in just 5 months by eating real foods and making new habits.

Laxmi is in her mid 60s and wanted to ensure that she was setting a good foundation for the years ahead.

She’s always eaten relatively healthily, she’s active and also used the gym frequently (prior to lockdown) but had not been able to go down a dress size when doing this.  She also wanted to take it to the next level and improve her knowledge about nutrition and other aspects of wellness so that she could age gracefully.

She’s happy that she joined the Wellness Membership Program  as has been one of the best investments she has made in her health.

To help others in a similar situation to herself Laxmi kindly spoke about her experience and how she has benefited from being in the Wellness Membership.

Some significant improvements Laxmi saw:

  • Lost 1 stone in 5 months and many inches by living healthily.
  • Finally able to fit into a size 8 again, something she hadn’t done in 36 years, after the birth of her daughter.
  • Has more energy in her 60s which allows her to live her life fully.
  • Her skin has improved and as a result of this, she needs to use less makeup.
  • She feels more focused and relaxed and this has improved her golf.
  • Her cravings reduced when she started eating clean.
  • Is living mindfully and feeling happier within herself.

All these amazing results were achieved while she still ate her traditional foods, with her family and likes that she never had to count calories.

So, what helped her?

  • Drinking more water daily.
  • She learnt what to eat and her meals became more satisfying so she didn’t feel the need to snack through the day.
  • Prepared balanced plates, which have became second nature to her.
  • Walking daily.
  • She gradually introduced and built cardio exercise.
  • Improved the variety and quality of meals.
  • Has greater awareness when shopping.

Laxmi enjoyed her wellness journey because she didn’t feel like she was on a diet, being able to incorporate what she was learning into her normal daily life, including when eating out.

Congratulations to Laxmi, she has done well and it’s been amazing see her make these changes.  As you can see I guide women, just like you, who want to keep it real, who want to enjoy themselves whether it’s eating their own traditional meals or eating out.

They don’t stop living their normal lives but instead learn how to improve their ways of living.  In the Wellness Membership Program, I am guiding step-by-step on what to do, there is support and accountability and you get access to my coaching videos, cooking classes, meditation practices and so much more.

It’s with this simple, flexible and expert-led program, members are educated to be able to make lifelong healthy decisions. If they can do it, so can you!

As Laxmi said “Its easy to incorporate into your daily life.  Is a brilliant program and thoroughly recommend it”

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