Do you find yourself sticking to a healthy eating plan all week only to see your efforts come undone during the weekend?

You’re not alone. Many face similar challenges in maintaining their goals over the weekend, particularly when dining out.  

While many restaurants now display calorie information, this isn’t always helpful. Similar calorie counts can make unhealthy options appear just as good as healthier ones, tempting you to choose junk food.

Whether you’re eating Chinese, Indian or Mediterranean, you can still enjoy your weekends without compromising your health and weight loss goals.

Why Weekends Can Lead to Weight Gain

Bread and Starters: It’s easy to fill up on complimentary bread, poppadoms, or crackers as soon as you sit down, especially if you’re hungry.

Oversized Portions: Many restaurants serve portions that are much larger than standard serving sizes, especially when it comes to carb-rich foods like rice and pasta.

Limited Healthy Options: Menus often lack a variety of healthy choices, leaving you to decide between fried foods, creamy pastas, or heavy curries that can leave you feeling bloated.

Hidden Calories: Salads may seem like a safe choice, but they can be loaded with high-calorie dressings that might make them as calorific as less healthy options.

Social Eating: Social pressures can make it difficult to eat healthily, as you might find yourself eating foods you don’t want to.

Extras: Appetisers, side dishes, and desserts are tempting and can significantly increase your calorie intake.

Caloric Beverages: Drinks, whether it’s your soda, orange juice, glass of wine or cocktail, it can add a significant amount of hidden calories.

How to Enjoy Dining Out Without Guilt

You can easily eat healthier in restaurants, this is what I am teaching in my 28 Day Program.

I recommend that you have dishes that are grilled, baked, or steamed. Choose sides of vegetables or salads with dressing on the side to better manage calorie intake. Have water as your main drink, and if you do opt for alcohol, know how much you are drinking.

If you’re struggling with weekend weight gain and want to eat out guilt free, don’t worry!

In my 28 Day Program, I offer a special bonus on how to make better food choices when dining out, ensuring you can enjoy your weekend indulgences without guilt.

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