Rina is 55 years old and had been trying to lose weight for over 20 years.  Within 10 months of joining my Wellness Membership Program, she finally got over her weight loss plateau and has lost 21 kilos.  She’s continuing her journey to feel healthier and happier and do watch the interview video to hear Rina’s inspirational success story.

Previous Diets

Rina had visited health farms taking part in strict programs where she would lose weight after following restrictive liquid diets. But she realised that she could not maintain this weight loss for more than 2-3 months living her real life; and she would then put the weight back on. She had struggled to lose weight for decades and despite exercising, she barely even saw a lasting difference.

Why Rina joined Wellness Membership

Her decision to join was based on wanting to lose weight and get healthier and as you can see, she has done amazingly well in just 10 months as lost 21 kilos.  Most importantly, she lost this weight naturally, without dieting and whilst eating real foods with no replacement shakes, didn’t count calories or spend hours in the gym. 

From the beginning of my program Rina prioritised her wellness and weight loss, she was determined to do this by following a healthy diet rather than using unsustainable methods such as liquid diets and fasting. She also wanted to get fitter in her day-to-day life as she had noticed that when going for walks or climbing up the stairs that she was getting tired and breathless.  Learning healthy ways to cook was also important to her, so she could make delicious quick easy healthy meals and spend less time in the kitchen.

Rina is so grateful to have joined my Wellness Membership Program as her whole lifestyle has changed. She now looks at her life positively and is enjoying what she does.  

Rina had never imagined that she could lose so much weight naturally whilst living her normal life.  Some HUGE improvements that Rina has seen are:

– Weight reduced from 103 kilos to 82 kilos which is very impressive and she’s bought new clothes and is wearing dresses and shorts after 20 years.

– Lost inches all over; gone from wearing a UK Size 22/24 to now being a UK Size 16 and this boosted her confidence levels.

– With her increased energy and fitness, she’s doing things she used to love such as cycling and dancing.  Due to an injury and being overweight, she had to stop cycling, something she loved doing. She’s found that with the meditation in my Wellness Program and my daily tips and guidance, she is now able to cycle 15km without any breaks.  And with better stamina, she can enjoy dancing again.

– Eating mindfully so can eat healthily whether eating at a restaurant, at home or when travelling.

– Sugar cravings reduced naturally and enjoys treats guilt free.

– She’s happy and positive and doesn’t doubt herself as believes in what she can do. 

All these brilliant achievements have been accomplished while Rina has still been able to enjoy her favourite foods and while also following a healthy and balanced diet that is sustainable

What helped her?

  • Understanding exactly what to eat.
  • Awareness for balance and portion sizes have improved.
  • Improving her relationship with food so that she can eat treats guilt free.
  • Building her fitness gradually over the 10 months.

Rina recommends my program as this helped her to create a healthy lifestyle and best of all, everything that she has learnt is sustainable.

A huge congratulations to Rina, it has been so incredible to see her achieve her weight goals and create a lifestyle that she is happy with. As you can see, I help busy women who want to improve their diet and lifestyle whilst still enjoying the foods that they love.

If you are looking to see a change you too do need to make a change.

And I would be happy to be your guide to help you to lose weight and look and feel good.  So come and join me…

Included in my Wellness Membership Program is my step-by-step guidance as well as exclusive access to my coaching videos, cooking classes, meditation practices and so much more.


I know many people often have doubts and are not sure if they can lose weight as previous diets didn’t work for them.  As Rina shared, this isn’t a restrictive diet but a lifestyle change. 

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