Saman had been trying to lose weight for some time, but it was just not happening. 

Just like many of you, she has a busy life, working full time and trying to balance it all. 

One thing she found difficult was meal planning.

Also, even though she wanted to eat healthily, she did not know how to overcome her cravings, which made some foods so tempting and hard to resist.

She had a relatively healthy life most of the time; was including fruits and vegetables and was exercising.

However, she had not seen results and this as you know, can be frustrating.

About 2 weeks ago, Saman began the sugar cleanse program and within 10 days she lost about 1 kilo.

And within a short time her energy levels improved and she began to feel that she can do much more in the day now.

Plus because she is meal planning, she knows what she is going to eat and knows what she will have for dinner when she gets back from work.

Now, you may think that’s just 1 kilo, but do you know that 1 kilo will soon become 2 kilos, 3 kilos, 4 kilos…because she now has a system that works for her and she can maintain.

How Saman made the change:

She joined the sugar cleanse program. 

It’s online, so she could access it immediately and watched the sugar cleanse tutorials at her own pace

She set up an appointment for her consultation with me, done online again during lunch time, so it was convenient for her.  She did not need to take time off work.

She got tailor made practical recommendations on what she needed to do and these were doable as I understood her lifestyle.

She started and is enjoying it.

Saman shares this in a short video, do watch it above

So, if like Saman, you want to reduce your cravings, NOW is the time to join the sugar cleanse.

I currently have 3 bonuses for the Sugar Free Cleanse Program as I want you to begin and succeed.

  1. 10% saving when you use the coupon code DIWALI
  2. Online community begins Monday 11th November for the five day sugar cleanse where I will be supporting, motivating and guiding you.  You share what you eat and get feedback from me and understand what you need to do to get over your cravings.
  3. Smoothie guide with my step to step guide on how to make healthy smoothies and 15 recipes

This is only for a limited time, so don’t leave it for another day, because you won’t ever begin.

The hardest step is the first one, to get started, so let me show you how to do it and this time you are not on your own, you have my support.

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