Is chocolate good for you?

I’m often asked “Is chocolate allowed when losing weight?”

I eat chocolate every day, something I enjoy and can’t do without!

This weekend I did an interview on the Peter Cardwell Show on Talk TV with Peter and Dave, interactive and included them trying some treats that I took into the studio.

You will be happy to hear that you can still enjoy chocolate when losing weight.  All you have to do is  have the healthier ones, depends on the cocoa content and how much you eat.

I also suggest making some snacks that you can turn to when you have a craving. 

By making simple swaps like reducing the high sugar chocolate with lower sugar chocolate you can improve your health.  This is because dark chocolate contains more cocoa and this is a good source of flavanols, minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and iron.  So good for your heart health and also makes you feel good.

During the interview Peter and Dave tried my two special treats from my Wellness Membership Program.  They enjoyed both the bounty balls and snickers balls, which are a favourite of my clients.

To get these two recipes and hundreds more delicious nutritious  recipes, check out my Wellness Membership Program.