Are some of your old beliefs holding you back?

Many of us have some limiting beliefs that are holding us back from doing what we want to. 

And in case you are wondering, what are limiting beliefs when getting healthy, please do this short exercise now.

  1. Write down your beliefs about getting healthy on a piece of paper, these can be anything that you think about.
  2. Then circle the ones that are limiting you from getting to your goals.
  3. Take a few moments to reflect on the ones you have circled and ask yourself, are these real or are they just thoughts that hold you back.

Some common limiting beliefs when getting healthy that I often hear are:

  • I can’t do it.
  • I will feel hungry.
  • I have tried everything, nothing works for me.
  • It’s too difficult for me.
  • I don’t have much time.
  • I have never been sporty.
  • I am not well co-ordinated.
  • I can’t spend hours cooking.
  • I am too old to make a change.
  • I have always had a slow metabolism, so can’t lose weight.
  • I have been through menopause so can’t see any changes,
  • I always gain weight after losing it.
  • It’s too expensive to eat healthily.
  • It requires too much effort.

Have you ever said any of these to yourself.  Do you know that these beliefs are often based on past experiences, what others have said or something you read about?  And, when we keep repeating the same thing, over time we begin to believe it’s real.

I would like you to consider the following:

Maybe you tried doing quick fix diets or restricting yourself in the past and as it was so difficult you gave up.  And you now believe you will always fail, that you can’t get healthier or lose weight, so you became afraid of trying something new.  But, it’s not your fault; these diets do not resemble how you live your real life and are not possible to follow forever. 

Maybe you think getting healthier means going to bed hungry, as you tried counting calories in the past.  Getting healthier actually includes eating real foods that are delicious and satisfying, you don’t need to count calories or points.

Or you had to cook separate meals from your family, so you felt you did not have much time for yourself.  You can eat the same meals as your family, including treats and traditional foods.  Instead of dieting, learn what to eat and portion sizes.

Or maybe you bought meal replacement bars or protein shakes which are expensive.  Real foods that we buy from supermarkets, anywhere in the world are affordable, use locally sourced ingredients.

Or maybe you read about women finding it harder to lose weight, after menopause and then began to believe that it will be the same for you too.  Women (and men) at any age and even after hormonal changes can make and see positive changes.

Or, you did not enjoy sports at school and have since felt that you are not well co-ordinated and cannot be active.  Do you know, you don’t need to do anything difficult, just start by walking first and build it up from that.

We first have to identify our limiting beliefs and understand where they are coming from.

And then, we can overcome these.  This is what I am guiding my clients to do.  In my Wellness Membership Program, I have coached hundreds of women and they are seeing some amazing results.

This is what a member said, who works in the NHS and also works night shifts. 

I’m over 50, been through menopause and am pre-diabetic and have hypothyroid. In 5.5 months I’ve lost almost 8 kilos and now have a healthy BMI. I’m happier as am much more active now too.” DM 

She was able to see results because she believed she could do it.  She did not let the fact that she’s over 50, has medical conditions, been through menopause or is busy hold her back from getting healthier.  

If she has done it, and so have many other members, you can do it too!

If you would like to know how you can get over your limting beliefs, set up a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with me.  

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