Do you want to lose weight and belly fat without starving yourself?

If yes, you have to watch Maroun’s interview, as that is exactly what he has done. 

Maroun had been struggling with many health issues for some time.  The arthritis aches and pains, affected his quality of life. And even walking had become difficult for him. His other health issues included high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides.  Many of these issues are associated with being overweight.

Maroun wanted to improve the quality of his life, so he took charge of his own health. 

He started my program and you see the visible changes made in weeks.

What Maroun previously did

Maroun had always felt he could loose the weight by himself and there wasn’t any need for any help or guidance.

But, when he tried dieting himself, he reduced his food intake by a large amount.  However, this just wasn’t sustainable as it left him feeling hungry.

Looking back, he now realises, when he did it on his own, that he had also dropped the quality of the food he was eating, so he wasn’t getting the right nutrients that he needed.

This type of dieting had been extremely hard, because when starving to lose weight he couldn’t concentrate. And because he was hungry all the time, when he ate, it would result in over eating.  

He also sees that he would use it as an excuse to eat when stressed.  And unfortunately this would take him back to square one; putting the weight back on.

How Maroun succeeded

In my program Maroun learnt that to loose weight in a healthy way you need to eat nutritious and satisfying meals and snacks, and most importantly you need to enjoy what you eat! 

He knows cutting down on food was not the correct method.

Look at some of the delicious nutritious meals he has been eating.

Sujata Din weight loss Indian weight loss


His results have been amazing.

His joint pain has reduced!

From only being able to stand for 5 minutes he can now go and enjoy 30 minute walks with his dogs, which he was unable to do previously.  

His health markers for blood pressure and cholesterol have improved. His doctor has told him to continue with his new habits as it’s working well and it’s improving his health. 

Maroun is down two sizes! He is extremely happy with his results and his clothes size dropped down from size XXL to size L.  Maroun’s next goal, which we are working on, is to go down to fit into a size M and to continue to improve his health markers.

If you are reading this and have been trying to transform your own health but haven’t seen results on your own, I understand how you feel. 

There is usually something missing when you do it on your own!

I’d be happy to guide you so you can see results quickly and easily just like Maroun has.   

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