I’m contacted by many women with hormonal imbalances, telling me that because of changes in hormones they have gained weight.  One that is often a concern is hypothyroidism.


The thyroid gland regulates metabolism in the body.  And one of the tests done by doctors is to check Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), which is secreted by the pituitary gland to help regulate thyroid hormone production.  TSH stimulates the thyroid to release the hormones T3 and T4, that are needed for controlling metabolism and how the body uses energy.  When TSH begins to rise, it’s a sign that the body is trying to produce more of the thyroid hormones and an indication of an underactive thyroid.

Having an elevated TSH seems to be more common in women than men.  Some of the symptoms of having hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, constipation, thinning hair, depression, sensitivity to cold and may cause a visible lump in the neck called a goitre.

Today, I wanted to share what Sini has been through and her motivating success story. She had been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight for some time, her energy levels were low, she had poor digestion and was not sleeping well.  Sini had a medical check-up in December and was very concerned when she got the results and contacted me for a consultation.

Below you can see some of her health markers.  Her TSH was above the normal range, which is a sign of hypothyroidism and she knew that this could worsen over time.  Being in her mid 40s, Sini was aware that this was a stage and the beginning of peri menopause and menopause.


Sini was determined to make natural changes to her diet and lifestyle to avoid being on medication.  I am happy to share that she managed to improve her health markers in just two months by prioritizing her wellness. She also lost 2 kilos reducing inches all over so her clothes fit better.  

In her message to me after she got her results in February, this is what Sini said:

“I was before under the impression I was super healthy, until I went for an executive health check-up in December.  I was shocked by the results and for two months, I went for consistent workouts, combined with your instruction about mindful eating, more sleep, and more water, etc. Result was amazing as thyroid marker and cholesterol improved👏, and now I am on a mission.  I am consistent with my exercise, and with my food. There is good inch loss, and I feel so confident with my clothes and in fact planning to buy some new ones.”  Sini Z

How Sini did this

Upon getting the diagnosis Sini decided to do something about it and take charge of her personal health.  This is one of the hardest things for many to do, but this is the most important; to make a change.

Our hormones are affected to an extent by our diet, lifestyle and also by our stress levels.  So even though there are some things we cannot control, there are many others that we can and that’s what I guided her to focus on. 

Sini is a member of my Wellness Membership Program and has been learning what to do in order to eat clean and have a healthier lifestyle.  These steps below are what she’s used from the Wellness Membership Program to improve her health markers and you can begin to do these too.

Eat clean as part of self-care.  Learn how to improve your diet by reducing processed packaged foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt.  Instead have more of the nutrient dense foods like fruits, vegetables and whole-grains.  Plus, having protein from real foods and including healthy fats too. 

Eat mindfully.  How we eat is also something we need to consider.  In our rushed lives, many are eating when on the go or when multi-tasking like working at a desk or being on the phone at the same time as eating.  Make time to eat, chew your food properly and enjoy the textures and flavors of your meals. 

Stay hydrated and drink water through the day.  This is something simple that gets forgotten.  The European Food Safety Authority recommends that daily water intake for men is 2.5 liters and for women is 2.0 liters.   

Reduce stress levels.  This is key as this affects our health and at times we don’t realize the small daily stressors are adding up.   What I highly recommend is bringing mindfulness and meditation into your daily lives and make some time for these practices.  I understand many people are busy and find it difficult to sit for a one-hour practice, but they can try a 10-minute practice.  And just by doing this once or twice a day helps reduce stress. Over time this accumulates to bring calmness into the day and improves mood.

Nature therapy. Another healthy habit is to go outdoors and spend some time in nature, wherever you live in the world.  This can be something many of us can incorporate by going for regular walks in our neighborhood, walking mindfully, and slowing down to enjoy nature around us.

Sleep should be a priority as this affects many hormones produced in the body.  Having a healthy evening routine sets you up to get sufficient rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

Being active and include walks and exercising regularly.  This has to be built up gradually as doing too much too quickly is overwhelming.  Start with what you enjoy, like Zumba or Bollywood Dancing and be consistent with it.

If you are unwell please consult your doctor and to make sure you have a medical check-up before starting to change your diet and fitness routines.  

I hope you have found Sini’s story inspiring and are ready to make a change for yourself now. 

The Wellness Membership Program is open for registration and if you have any questions about it please send me an email.  It’s a complete program to guide you with my help on having a healthier diet, lifestyle and mindset.



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