As we are mid way through January, I wanted to check how you are getting on with with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you still as motivated as you were a few weeks ago?  If not, it’s time you started to think about your resolutions differently.  These 3 tips will help you.

Instead of making too many changes at one time, begin with just one change and have a cue to remind you.  For instance, in the mornings instead of reaching for a cup of tea or coffee, start your day with one or two cups of warm water.  As you keep repeating this, you create a healthy habit and will soon crave water first thing in the morning, which is much needed to hydrate you.  Then once when you are comfortable with doing this, without thinking about it, then start with creating a second healthy habit.

Secondly, focus on what you are adding into your life rather than what you are taking away. This makes you feel you have many choices, that you are not going to feel hungry plus you won’t feel deprived.  

Lastly, do not compare yourself to others.  You are on your own unique health journey; only you know for how long you have been trying for and what changes you need to make.  When you begin looking at what others are doing you feel pressured to do more or even give up because you are not seeing results as quickly as they are.

One of my intentions was to start January with  my cleanse program, which I am currently doing and this is something I do a few times annually. 

Why do I do it?  Because even though I eat healthily most of the time, I find I get distracted and go off track so need to refocus and reset, which the cleanse makes me do.  

If you want to do a cleanse to reset, I highly recommend the 7 Day Cleanse as you eat 3 meals plus have snacks when doing it so won’t be starving.  I’m already feeling lighter, more energised and definitely more focused. 

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