I speak to so many who say they just can’t stop eating sugar…and they have tried numerous times.  It’s not your fault as there are many reasons why we can’t cut sugar.

  • Sugar addiction: Do you know that sugar has addictive properties, and activates the rewards centres of our brain.  The problem is that when we eat sugary foods, we crave more sugar, which makes it hard to get off the sugar cycle.  
  • Emotional eating: Many resort to sugary foods when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired, anxious or even when happy and excited.  And as it makes you feel good temporarily, you turn to sugar when you feel emotional.
  • Habits: It may have become a habit for you, something you are doing, even without realising it.  Maybe your habit is cookies with your cup of afternoon tea or maybe it’s ice-cream or chocolate whilst watching TV.  It becomes hard to break the habit as you have  associated the sugary food with certain activities. 
  • Feeling hungry: Most people aren’t eating balanced meals and as a result, don’t feel satisfied and are then snacking through the day.  But, the problem with many sugary snack foods are they are high in calories but lack nutrients, and aren’t filling.  So, it can lead to overeating and grazing through the day.
  • Sugar is everywhere: It’s hard to avoid as sugary foods are easily available everywhere, from supermarkets, cafes and vending machines in many buildings.  It becomes harder to resist the temptation when you see it all around you. 

As you can see, breaking the sugar habit is difficult, especially when you are doing it on your own.  

However, once you know what to do it changes very quickly, as Parul found in my program.  

 “Whenever I felt stressed, I would have something that felt good to me to eat, like toffee or chocolate.  And, when I felt happy or achieved something at work, I celebrated with something sweet.  But then, once I learnt what to eat and started the nutritious foods, I didn’t feel like sugar when I was stressed.  I learnt to make healthy choices which was keeping me satisfied.” Parul

If you are turning to sugar to make you feel good, you know that doesn’t work in the long term.

Instead, get over your sugar cravings, just like Parul did, let me show you the easy and quick way to do this. 

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