Do you know that it’s very common for us to put on weight as we age.

Many signs of weight gain which many of us just don’t want to see are the belly bulging, when wearing dresses or you find fitted shirts are too tight.  Or maybe it’s not being able to wear some clothes because of the love handles.  Some tend to put on the weight around the hips or thighs so can’t fit into jeans or trousers.  And for others, it’s around the chest, so bra feels too tight.

It could begin in your 30’s, 40s or even 50’s.

And it does bother us as we get concerned about our health and also don’t like the way we look and feel.

Are you at the point where you feel you can’t eat as you used to, without gaining the pounds?

There are many reasons this is happening.  Some of the common ones are:

We become less active and live a more sedentary lifestyle.   When we are younger, we are more physically active, walking or playing sports but with time this reduces.  Even though you exercise a few times a week, is this the same as you did in your 20s?

And have you changed your eating habits to match your activity levels.  Many continue eating same portion sizes or even end up eating more than they did when younger.   Portions become larger gradually overtime.

Snacking frequently is another reason for the gain and it has been an issue for so many people when working from home over these last 6 months, since we went into lockdown.  Being close to the kitchen, means a break from work involves food.

With age, we also have less time for ourselves as have the responsibility of looking after families, whether it’s young children or ageing parents.  This means we no longer prioritise our selfcare time and keep putting it aside.

Another reason is, as we age we are naturally losing muscle mass and we don’t even notice this is happening.  This begins in our 40s and is called sarcopenia    According to ACE Fitness, it can be at a rate of 5 pounds for every decade.  So even if your weight has not changed over the last 10 or 20 years, there is most likely a change in your body composition, where you had more percentage muscle when you were younger.   Muscle burns more calories so less muscle mass means you are not burning as much as you used to.

Hormonal changes are also a cause.   As women go into menopause, the oestrogen levels decrease so the body begins to retain fat, which also has estrogen.  For men, it’s a drop in testosterone levels that causes an increase in weight around the belly.

Stress can increase body fat.  and with age come more responsibiites than you had when you were younger.  Stress increases cortisol levels and that is one of the fat storing hormones in the body.

I’ve shared some of the common reasons we put on weight.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot lose this weight and maintain your weight loss.

My client Naz, who is a member of Wellness Membership Program is 55 years old.  She’s lost 5 kilos since she started and can finally fit back into a pair of jeans that she hasn’t worn for 10 years.  She’s got more energy now and feel confident and has started exercising, something she had not even considered.  With the changes she’s made, she’s got a new outlook and confidence to try new things.  She has done this looking after her family and is also working.

How important is it for you to lose the weight you have gained over the years?

If weight loss is aa priority and you want to know how to get started, follow these steps.

Do you have clothes you want to wear again comfortably?

Stop wasting time, energy and money on quick fix diets and create the healthier life you have always wanted.