In this short video I share how you can stay healthy over this summer holidays by planning and preparing.

I understand that we all have different goals that we are working towards, as we want different things in life.

But, you have just one body, so you have to prioritise and look after it, if you want to live happily and age healthily. 

And remember it’s not just that one thing you need to do, but a combination of many.  For instance, in terms of your diet you need to consider not just what you eat but also the portions, not eat too much sugar, fat, etc.  In terms of lifestyle your sleep and relaxation are important and so are how active you are and what types of exercise you do.  And don’t forget making positive mindset changes, as without these you cannot sustain and enjoy what you do.

One of my clients saw a huge improvement in her life mainly because of her mindset changes.  This is what she said:

The correct guidance from Sujata not only helped me loose 10kgs in a short span of 8 weeks but also helped with an over all wellbeing leaving me more energetic and positive in life.

 I got diagnosed  with a silent stroke and came to the point when I thought I need to take myself seriously. I was always conscious of what I was eating but didn’t know what combinations would be best. Came in Sujata’s expert guidance, tips and ample years of experience. She is not only a health coach but she also coached me to deal with my emotions, days when I was low on energy, had food cravings and sugar cravings and also provides a life changing guidance.  Sujata not only helps loose weight by healthy eating but also helps in making life style changes to your food, fitness and mental wellbeing.  Doing just one programme with Sujata is not the end, it’s an ongoing relationship with food and whole wellbeing that is taught.  I cannot thank Sujata enough and I am so glad I got to work with her.” MJ

Almost all my clients tried to make changes initially by themselves but when they did not see the results they expected, they contacted me.  What they realised is that it’s much easier, quicker and enjoyable when they have the right guide and program to follow.  

This is what another client shared: 


“I went to Sujata after trying everything that I could think of. I was having no luck losing any weight and whatever I lost used  to come back quickly. After the first few meetings I started getting more confident. 

Sujata’s recipes are my favourite bit of the whole    programme. They are very simple and easy and very delicious too. Together with the recipes Sujata integrated exercise and built this up gently. Yes, I have achieved my goal to lose 10 kilos, 2 dress sizes and so much belly fat. I love the new me, I love my new eating habits, the awareness that Sujata has brought not only to me but to my entire family.  I have recommended her highly to all my friends” PJ 

Now, if you have been doing it on your own, you probably realise it is taking you much longer than you expected, and it’s difficult and not much fun either.  

There are so many reasons for this, including:


When you do it on your own, you often start without a clear plan of what you want to do as have not created specific goals.  When you work with a coach you are guided on goal setting, then get a clear plan and know exactly what you will be doing step by step.  


When you do it on your own, you are spending hours and hours on the internet, reading books and searching on what to do and how to do it.  Then you try and piece together all that information you gathered. And it’s probably not going to work. This is because we tend to select only what we like and want to do, and not the things we have to do.  So your program may be incomplete or you may be following far too many plans at one time.  

When you have a step by step program like the ones my clients get, you have the full picture and understand why you make the changes, what you need to do and how to do it.  You also know when to do things as timing is key. My clients are educated on nutrition and get a complete structured program with recipes, suggested meal planner, training videos, checklists, etc.  They don’t eat foods because they have to, but because they understand why they are beneficial.


When you do it on your own, you don’t know the best ways to measure your success and get disheartened when the weight is the same.  As a coach I have multiple ways of checking how well my clients are doing. Even if weight loss is a goal, my clients track much more than their weight on the scales. 


When doing it on your own, you follow strict “diets” that require you to eat foods which you don’t like and are not family friendly.  You feel deprived when you cannot have your favourite treats.

When working with a coach you know you can eat your traditional foods and get recipes which are family friendly.  Also, you find your “healthy balance” and can still have your favourite foods like chocolate, cheese or wine.

Support and motivation

When doing it on your own you do too much too quickly and feel overwhelmed.  It’s either rushed and at a pace that does not work for you. Or you are inconsistent and dipping in and out of your program.

With my programs, my clients take it a step at a time and work at their own pace so never fall behind.

Also, when doing it on your own you may be doing the wrong thing and are unsure of what to change, so either continue without seeing results or give up feeling frustrated.  

As a coach I provide tailor made guidance as understand where my client is on his/her health journey and provide practical recommendations that are doable.  There is flexibility as we all have different circumstances. 


When doing it on your own you often feel isolated as it is just you doing it, lose momentum, give up and later restart another diet.  You feel that you cannot eat the same meals as your family.

When you do it in my online Healthy Habits For A Busy Woman Program you are never on your own as are motivated by me, plus you connect with other women who are on the same journey in our online community.


The cost of doing it on your own is the time and effort constantly being spent searching for information.  Also, you spend more money as start and stop different diets. This affects your life in many ways as you are not able to move forward as feel stuck in this one area.  Some of my clients shared that they did not enjoy socialising or eating out. Some were feeling bloated or had gas and felt uncomfortable. Many did not want to be in photographs and hid behind others.  

When you join me you will be getting the support you need and saving time, effort and money because you have a complete program.  Healthy Habits For The Busy Woman is affordable as costs less than £4 a day.  So I know cost of the program is not an issue, as you can also pay weekly.

How much is it costing you if you don’t make a change?  The risk of disease, not liking the way you look and feel and low confidence.

One of my main goals is to help people get healthier which is why I created Healthy Habits For A Busy Woman as it is affordable, effective and where we have an amazing community.

So, if you want to get there easily, faster and when enjoying your health journey come and join me in Healthy Habits For A Busy Woman.

CLICK HERE to start with me so you can save yourself the time, effort and also money.

And one of the reasons many hesitate is they don’t think they can do it.  So if you have any questions or concerns, send me an email.