I’m sure you will agree that when you feel nothing works and you keep failing, you don’t even want to try again.  I see this happen to so many women.

If you are tired of your diet disappointments, then this interview is a MUST watch.

Rama’s story is familiar to many women going through menopause – a cycle of dieting, weight loss, and inevitable weight gain, leaving her feeling disheartened and stuck. But her journey took a turn when she decided to join my program that promised not just temporary fixes but sustainable, life long solutions.

In the interview Rama shares how she lost weight with a hormonal imbalance and now believes she can lose weight and maintain it.

The Cycle of Unsustainable Dieting

Previously, Rama had tried it all – Cambridge, Weight Watchers, Herbal Life. Each time, the pattern was the same: she would lose weight, but as soon as the diet ended, the pounds crept back. “I do lose weight and as soon as I come off, I put on weight gradually,” Rama recalls. This cycle was not only physically difficult but emotionally draining. Each failed attempt reduced her hope and motivation.  Rama is in her mid 50s and going through menopause.

Rama’s diagnosis of PCOS made weight loss even more challenging. Discouraged with this, she was close to giving up. 

The Turning Point

I was recommended to Rama by her sister-in-law and friend; a promise of a different approach that led Rama to arrange a FREE discovery call. She was looking for a change, something that would fit into her family life and become a routine, rather than another quick fix.

Rama’s Results In Just 28 Days

She noticed significant improvements in her well-being:

  1. Lost 4 pounds despite having PCOS.
  2. Is satisfied with her meals and not eating low calorie foods.
  3. No longer feels bloated or gassy.
  4. Her energy levels have increased.
  5. Skin looks good, changes noticed by others as was told. “Your skin is glowing,”
  6. Positively for family, as daughter eats the same healthy meals.
  7. Is saving time and money, it’s practical since cooking same family meals.

Why My Program Works

My wellness program over 28 days was different. It wasn’t just about cutting calories or following strict diet plans. It was about making gradual changes to her eating habits, changes that she could sustain and integrate into her family life.

“I’ve been just eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner properly and been feeling fuller as well,” Rama explains.

My approach is not about depriving, but about understanding portion sizes and making healthier choices.

With her daughter’s wedding next year, Rama is now motivated more than ever to continue on this path.  “Whatever I lose, is a difference, which is going to make a difference in me,” she says, looking forward to shopping without the frustration of clothes not fitting.

Rama’s story is about finding a balance that works, not feeling overwhelmed, and it’s about being supported every step of the way. 

If Rama’s story resonates with you, and you too are looking to create your own transformation, I am here to guide you. Whether you’re preparing for a significant event, like a birthday, anniversary or wedding, or simply seeking a healthier, happier version of yourself, you don’t have to do it alone.

I would love to have you come and join me.

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For Rama my support was helpful.  As you can see, I help busy people like you who want to lose weight, increase energy levels, balance hormones and feel more confident.  This is done whilst eating foods that you enjoy. 

Take the first step towards transforming your relationship with food and health.  I’m here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

If you have any questions, do send me an email at sujata@optimum-nutrition.org