As we end 2019 I wanted to share a dessert that is loved in my home and you can try it too.  

Rhubarb and apple crumble

5 stalks of rhubarb (about 400 grams), diced

2 apples, diced

2-3 tbsp brown sugar (or to taste)

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup flour (I use gluten free)

60 grams soft butter

In a pan combine the diced rhubarb and apple with 1 tbsp of water and then cover with a lid and let it cook for 4-5 minutes.  

Next, mix in 1-2 tbsp of brown sugar (or to taste) and 1 tsp cinnamon powder.  Cover again with the lid and let it cook for another 7-8 minutes.

To make the topping combine the butter, rolled oats, flour and 1 tbsp brown sugar (or to taste).

Spoon the cooked fruit in a baking tray and layer the topping over.  Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 30 minutes until the fruit is bubbling and the topping is browned.

Once cooled a little, serve with cream or on it’s own.  Serves 4-5.