This is one interview you MUST watch if you have been trying to lose weight!

It’s about  Sharan’s Transformation: How a Simple, Mindful Approach to Eating Changed Everything. 

Sharan, who’s in her mid-40s, faced a common challenge – frustration with weight gain. Despite trying various methods, including the popular Joe Wicks program, she found herself continually struggling with her weight.  The exercise wasn’t the issue, for her it was the food.

The Turning Point

Sharan’s journey took a positive turn when she started my 28-day program that emphasised simplicity and mindfulness in eating. Unlike her previous experiences, this program wasn’t about calorie counting or restrictive eating. Instead, it focused on balanced, healthy meals and understanding the basics of nutrition.

Key Changes and Results

  1. Simplicity in Eating: Sharan was struck by how uncomplicated the program was making it doable and easy to follow.
  2. Increased Portion Size: Surprisingly, Sharan found herself eating more than before, which made her feel satisfied whilst having substantial, nutritious meals.
  3. Breaking Old Patterns: Previously, Sharan relied on calorie counting, which often led to guilt. My 28 day Program helped her understand the importance of what she was eating, not just focus on the calorie count.
  4. Colourful and Varied Diet: Sharan’s meals became more colourful and varied, indicating a more diverse intake of nutrients.
  5. Weight Loss: Despite eating more, Sharan lost four pounds during the program, showcasing the effectiveness of a balanced diet over calorie restriction.
  6. Improved Relationship with Food: Sharan’s understanding of food and her relationship with it improved significantly. She moved away from unhealthy snacking and became more mindful.
  7. Meal Planning and Preparation: The program instilled the habit of meal planning and preparation in Sharan, ensuring she had balanced meals ready, supporting her busy lifestyle.
  8. Reduced Cravings: Sharan learned to be more mindful about treats and with this healthier approach had her treats guilt free and reduced her sugar cravings naturally.

Sharan’s story is a testament to the power of a simple, mindful approach to eating.

It’s not about the latest fad diet or restrictive eating; it’s about understanding your body’s needs and self care.

Sharan’s journey highlights that with the right guidance and a focus on balanced, nutritious eating, achieving health goals can be both enjoyable and sustainable.

A huge congratulations to Sharan in making these changes.

Sharan advice is to anyone who’s thinking about it is “Do it”

Ready to Begin Your Own Journey?

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