Maya lost over 5 kilos which she had not been able to do on her own.

‘I have benefitted immensely with the methodical and step-by-step approach, support and guidance. Sujata’s focus on conscious eating, portion control, planning meals has helped me overcome my issues with acidity, bloating and losing all the excess weight gained. While doing this program, I’ve never had to switch to diet meals, as Sujata guided us with our regular meals by introducing healthy habits. I felt more energetic, confident, had less cravings for sugar and overall very comfortable with my body. The online community which is part of her program is really helpful as we learn together and support and encourage each other. Sujata is very committed to the cause of healthy eating and is genuinely interested in our success in achieving our goals. Sujata has been absolutely brilliant and I would definitely recommend her program.’ Maya

Have you been trying for some time to lose weight, because you want to look good or improve your health?

And, have you been finding that this has been difficult, time consuming and frustrating….as it’s been years of doing one diet after another; you feel like you are just going around in circles?

Achieving your health goals by yourself becomes challenging without the proper knowledge and guidance. There are several ways you can be at a disadvantage when trying on your own. Read on as I share why it may not have worked for you:

Lack of time

Firstly, you are busy between your work, home, social life, etc. There’s little time for your wellness and weight loss, so this just gets put to the bottom of your list. And whenever you have time, you are browsing through books, blogs, magazines or social media on how to lose weight. But then, you just cherry pick, only doing a few things and don’t know what you are missing.

For instance, you begin intermittent fasting to see quick results, but don’t learn about quality and quantity of foods to eat.

You can save time:

Get my full program and learn what to do step-by-step, saving yourself time and energy, as you won’t need to be constantly searching for weight loss tips or recipes.

What to eat

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to losing weight is understanding what to eat. Most diets have you believe that you should eat boring bland “diet” foods, which you either don’t like and more often than not, aren’t family friendly meaning that you have to spend extra time making separate meals for your family which becomes difficult, time consuming and expensive and makes dieting feel like a chore.

Popular diets are also restrictive, making them difficult to follow. You can’t have cake, cookies, chevdah or cheese. I’m sure you agree that you can’t give up your treats forever.

Eat real delicious foods:

In my 28 Days Program lose weight eating everyday foods, including your traditional meals like pasta, rice or roti. Plus, have your treats guilt free.

Information overload:

These is so much information, often it’s conflicting, so you don’t always know what to do, how you should be doing it and when you should be doing it.

For instance, Some diets encourage only raw foods, juice cleanses, meal replacement shakes whereas other diets are high protein or fat. It gets confusing to know what should you do?

Keep it simple:

Learn about eating mindfully, having a balanced plate of all foods, getting the nutrients you need from your real foods. Yes, you can eat grains and treats when losing weight in my 28 Day Program.


Also, when doing it on your own, you want to see results as fast as possible and end up doing way too much which leads to you pushing yourself too hard too quickly. This is usually an unsustainable approach when trying to make long term progress.

An example of this is calorie counting for a prolonged period, feeling irritable, hungry and tired; which affects your sleep, energy levels and even productivity at work.

Make it realistic:

Do something that is practical, which you can always do for the rest of your life. My clients eat three meals plus have snacks and treats and look forward to their meals.

Being inconsistent

When you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you start and stop constantly and feel you are always on a diet. And as result, you are not seeing results, feel frustrated so then try a different diet hoping for results.

Be consistent:

Build daily habits gradually, so you can do this anytime and anywhere and be consistent.

Get To Your Goals Easily & Faster

The reason why Maya was finally able to lose weight and get healthier was because she knew what to do, had the support, was motivated and encouraged.

She got all this in my 28 Day Program.

With an experienced coach, you too will get the guidance that you need which will boost your confidence as you have a program to follow step-by-step rather than just guessing what to do.