Having spent over 11 years guiding women over 40 with their wellness and weight loss goals, I’ve repeatedly seen certain mistakes that stop even the most committed women from seeing results.

It’s not uncommon to feel confused about why, despite all your efforts.

Today, I want to share seven reasons that might be stopping you, so you don’t make these mistakes.

  1. Poor Sleep Habits: Lack of sleep often leads to snacking, with tiredness making us reach for quick energy boosts like sugary or fried foods. Prioritising good sleep is crucial for maintaining energy levels naturally and weight loss.
  2. Stress: With the busy lives we lead, you need to learn how stress affects your hormones and contributes to belly fat. Recognising and managing stress is essential.
  3. Fibre Intake: A common oversight in many diets is not consuming enough fibre. Fibre is not only crucial for gut health but it also helps keep you full, which can reduce unnecessary snacking.
  4. Protein: Without sufficient protein, you might find yourself unsatisfied and grazing throughout the day. Get the protein you need from your foods through the day to prevent overeating.
  5. Inconsistency: If you are dipping in and out of your program or doing it sporadically, it does undermine your efforts. Consistency is key in any successful weight loss plan.
  6. Ignoring Hormonal Health: Consuming refined foods and maintaining a poor lifestyle can disrupt your hormonal balance. Supporting your hormonal health through better dietary choices is what I am guiding in my programs.
  7. Sedentary Lifestyle: Occasional exercise is not enough. Integrating physical activity into your daily routine is essential for sustainable weight loss. Make it a part of your lifestyle, not just an occasional thing.

Avoid these common mistakes. If you’re feeling stuck and unsure why your efforts aren’t giving results, perhaps it’s time to do it differently.

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