A Must-Watch for Anyone Looking to Revitalise Their Health.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Jeet at Radio 44 Nairobi for an in-depth discussion on embracing and integrating a healthier lifestyle, even when busy.   

This interview is packed with actionable insights and practical advice, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their health holistically.  In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for health and wellness can be challenging.

My conversation with Jeet on Radio 44 Nairobi breaks down complex health concepts into easy, manageable practices that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine. Whether you’re dealing with chronic conditions, looking to up level your dietary habits, or simply interested in maintaining your wellbeing, this interview provides the tools and motivation to make positive changes.  

Key Highlights from the Interview 

– A Holistic Approach to Health: I delve into how wellness is a comprehensive concept that includes not just diet and exercise but also mental health, sleep, and stress management. “It’s looking holistically at everything that the individual is going through,” I shared, emphasising the interconnectedness of our lifestyle choices.  

– Practical, Doable Solutions: Responding to real-time listener queries, I provided suggestions on reducing risk of diabetes through diet, illustrating how small changes can lead to significant health benefits. For example, I discussed the importance of replacing refined sugars with natural alternatives and balancing meals to stabilise blood sugar levels.  

– Fruits should be had with protein or fats to reduce the sugar spikes

– Personal Journey and Expertise: I opened up about my own health challenges and how they led me to become a health coach. I understand where you are, as had to personally overcome health hurdles.  

– Accessibility and Flexibility: I explained how my health programs are designed to be adaptable to various diets and lifestyles across the globe, stressing the importance of education. “It’s an educational program where you’re learning about nutrition and lifestyle changes to make,” ensuring that the advice is applicable universally.  

This interview isn’t just about listening to health tips; it’s about inspiring you to take action. It’s about understanding that you have the power to influence your health outcomes positively.   

Do take charge of you health and focus on your self care.  When you work on improving one area like your diet, it spills over and improves other areas of your well being.  Start simple with a few things so you can make the changes and it’s practical and doable for you. And if you have severe symptoms or need a diagnosis do consult your doctor.